International Building Exhibition

The IBA_Vienna 2022 is the first of its kind to be launched in Vienna. By organizing an International Building Exhibition (IBA), Vienna aims at developing proposals for future oriented solutions and approaches that are on the level of the challenges of our time.

The focus lays on “New Social Housing”. Everyday patterns related to ways of acting and procedures are to be reflected in order to evaluated how much they are still up-to and  if they are still accurate and eventually they will be renegotiated. Instruments and strategies in the areas of urban, housing and social policies will be interlinked in a new way. The IBA_Vienna will therefore pay its attentions to projects in new building areas as well as in the existing urban network which will also contribute to the social cohesion in the city.

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The IBA_Vienna Programme is online!

The Programme of the IBA_Vienna including the Memorandum as well as a form for introducing projects is now online. The baselines of the IBA_Vienna are now definded, says Michael Ludwig, Executive Councillor for Housing, Housing Construction and Urban Renewal.
World Café

Photos and Videos are now online!

Photos and videos of the IBA-Talk "arriving - living - social advancement" on 6th June in the "Brunnenpassage" are now online.

Launch "Open IBA"

The project "Open IBA" was presented on the 8th of december.


Per-Albin-Hansson Estate

New social qualities The refurbishment goals concerning the fin de siècle (“Gründerzeit”) vast urban settlement of Vienna have been reached successfully. New urban quarters are now in the focus of a new soft urban renewal oriented towards the inhabitants!

Form Follows Paragraph

New social qualities The goal of the research project „Form Follows Paragraph / Built Law. What standards do we need?” is to create an open discourse about possible changes of the regulatory framework which would help to achieve a “maximal minimum” for all.

IBA meets School

New social responsibility Housing in Vienna is a very complex subject. The IBA_Vienna developed therefore together with the Vienna City School Council teaching resources in order to give to pupils an insight to the housing issue. Enough reason for an IBA school project.

Lighthouse Seestadt

New social neighbourhoods „Lighthouse Seestadt“ is a self-built project in the framework of a new cooperative in the Seestadt Aspern that wants to spread out in the neigbourhood.


New social neighbourhoods Living + Working in subsidized housing is challenging. Answers lie in the (urban) spatial, social and economic level.
Blocksanierung Reindorf/ Rustendorf: Kinder und Jugendliche arbeiten mit

Block Renewal in the 15th District

New social qualities Kids and teenagers have specific requirements in regards to their housing environment especially in the urban areas dating from the fin de siècle “Gründerzeit”. Two block refurbishment areas in the 15th district are testing grounds for new measures.

Am Seebogen (aspern Seestadt)

New social neighbourhoods The developers competition in the neighbourhood of „Am Seebogen“ initiates the urban development of the Northern part of „Seestadt Aspern”.
living::sounds living::moves - Kinderprogramm am Educult Aktionstag

living::sounds – living::moves

New social responsibility living::sounds – living::moves is a participative theater and music project in the Sonnwendviertel quarter focusing on the IBA-Vienna theme of “New Social Housing”.

The Settlement “Wiener Werkbundsiedlung”

New social qualities The 70 houses of the settlement known as „Wiener Werkbundsiedlung“ have been built in the years 1930-1932 and are amongst the most important built examples of the Austrian modernist architecture.
Imagebild vom Projekt Smarter Together - 8. Juli 2016 Informationsveranstaltung

Smarter Together

New social neighbourhoods The City of Vienna and a variety of enterprises develop in the district of Simmering future oriented smart city solutions. Together with local inhabitants.


Ausstellung "Wohnen in Wien"

21.06.2017 | 13:00 Wohnen in Wien ist ein vielschichtiges Thema. Gemeinsam mit dem Stadtschulrat für Wien entwickelte die IBA daher Unterrichtsmaterialien, die Schülerinnen und Schülern Einblick in die Wohnmaterie geben sollen. Die Projekt-Ergebnisse der Pilotschulen kann man sich jetzt in einer Ausstellung ansehen.
IBA-Talk "Ankommen - Wohnen - sozialer Aufstieg"

IBA-Talk: Ankommen - Wohnen - sozialer Aufstieg

06.06.2017 | 18:00 Soziale Durchlässigkeit als Dimension zukunftsfähigen Wohnbaus

IBA meets Architects 01

20.09.2017 | 19:00 In a joint series of lectures, the Az W and the IBA_Vienna call international architects to Vienna, who are taking a new path in their projects. The debut will take place on the 20th of September with Dorte Mandrup, architect from Denmark.
IBA-Talk "Beschäftigungsmotor Wohnbau" in der AK Bibliothek

IBA-Talk: Beschäftigungsmotor Wohnbau

28.06.2017 | 18:00 Wohnbauinvestitionen mit sozialer Nachhaltigkeit

Thinking Beyond Together

"Vienna organizes for the first time a multi-annual International Building Exhibition that focuses on social housing. We want to further develop the concept of a social urban development and adapt current societal, ecological and urban planning task in the framework of a local as well as an international professional discourse with a strong inclusion of Vienna’s inhabitants. We invite you to participate in this important project." 

Michael Ludwig
Executive Councilor for Housing, Housing Construction and Urban Renewal

Wolfgang Förster
Coordinator IBA_Vienna