Formats of the IBA_Vienna

The IBA_Vienna sees itself as a process and a platform with wide-ranging involvement by important protagonists – alongside planning and implementation, building development and financing, research and theory as well as politics and administration these also include the population of Vienna.

On this account the IBA meets art and artists, the IBA meets culture, the IBA meets children, young people and universities, the IBA meets other IBAs in Europe…

In order to respond adequately to the many demands for exchange and communication in connection with the IBA_Vienna, a number of formats were developed initially that ser-ve to activate and develop potential IBA pro-jects and to move the theme of “New Social Housing” into the general awareness. Most of these formats are publicly accessible, even though they appeal in part to different target Groups.


An important focus of the IBA_Vienna is on pu-blic exchange about current questions in the areas of housing, housing construction, urban planning and social interactions as well as new challenges, while discussion about the related approaches to solutions, ideas and innovations represents a further main focus.

With this in mind the IBA talks will essentially take place throughout the duration of the IBA_Vienna and in terms of content will be oriented on the questions and needs that arise. As Vienna has decided, from the start, to handle the pro-cess of the preliminary IBA phase in a very trans-parent public way, the first 12 IBA-Talks in 2016 took place at close intervals and dealt above all with the theme of defining the subjects and developing the IBA programme.

The IBA-Talks will be recorded and made available on the website of the IBA_Vienna in the form of videos and also as print downloads (in German). In addition the contents will, of course, be analysed regularly so that they can flow into the current processes of the programme and the future orientation.

„drIBA reden“

The format for the rounds of public discus-sions to be known as “drIBA reden” is direc-ted at people who live or work in a district, a neighbourhood or a quarter and offers a wider public the opportunity to take part in the discourse, to inform themselves and also to have their say and in this way to contribu-te to the further development of New Social Housing in Vienna. The events in the frame-work of “drIBA reden” will also be documen-ted and published.


To hone, clarify or intensify interesting appro-aches, ideas for projects or cooperation, it will make sense at certain times to bring together a round of appropriate protagonists in the form of a workshop. Depending on the question and the specific area, in certain cases individu-al members of the IBA advisory committee will offer their support and in this way help to define more precisely open questions about a project idea to be submitted to the IBA_Vienna.

IBA-Working groups

For those questions that emerge during the IBA talks or in other ways and that require more detailed discussion, in certain cases working groups should be set up that will work on the theme concerned under the di-rection of a relevant institution outside the IBA office.

Further Formats

Depending on the projects and the way the discussions develop it may be necessary to create further formats (e.g. project calls but also symposia etc.).


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