Overview of the IBA_Vienna

Michael Ludwig | Initiator of the IBA_Vienna

Michael Ludwig, Vienna’s Mayor, is the former president and initiator of the IBA_Vienna.

"The IBA_Vienna is not a usual exhibition but more a multi-annual process where Vienna’s social housing is further developed with local and international specialists as well as with citizens. It will mark Vienna’s future housing. Solutions will be elaborated in the framework of the IBA_Vienna in order to see how the current high housing standards and quality of life can be secured and further improved.”

The Team of the IBA_Vienna

The IBA-Team is made up of 7 staff members is coordinated by Wolfgang Förster, the long term head of Vienna Housing Research as well as by his deputy Kurt Hofstetter.

  • Wolfgang Förster | Coordinator
  • Kurt Hofstetter | Deputy Coordinator
  • Daniel Glaser | Projects
  • Anna Möller | Projects (Internship)
  • Susanne Reppé | Projects
  • Bojan Schnabel | Participation
  • Jacqueline Stehno | Communication & Marketing

The Advisory Committee of the IBA_Wien

The international Advisory Committee of the IBA_Vienna under the chairmanship of Professor Kunibert Wachten and his deputy Margrit Hugentobler supports with its 15 members the IBA_Vienna.

> More Information about the Advisory Committee of the IBA_Vienna.

Consultancy to the IBA-Team

Professor Rudolf Scheuvens acts as ongoing expert consultant to the IBA-Team, organized workshops with experts and those interested by the project and participated in the meetings of the Advisory Board. In addition he drafts wordings and inputs of the IBA_Vienna for new methods and procedures and brings up to date information and best practices from other innovative developments to the key subjects of the IBA_Vienna.

Management Team

As the projects of the IBA_Vienna will operate above all in the area of the facilities of the City of Vienna already referred to, the President of the IBA_Vienna will be supported by a management team which must be informed and decide about important changes to earlier approaches and regulations. The task of the management team consists, besides the exchange of information regarding current activities, also in decision regarding measures suggested that are related with the IBA qualification of projects (resources, procedures, new models etc.) as well as regards active support to IBA-Projects and the IBA-Team through participation and provision of resources.

At present the management team consists of representatives of the following bodies:

  • Office of the Executive Group for Housing, Housing Construction and Urban Renewal
  • Chair of the Land Advisory Board
  • Wiener Wohnen
  • Vienna Land Procurement and Urban Renewal Fund
  • Wohnservice Wien and wohnpartner
  • City of Vienna, Chief Executive Office, Building Construction Group
  • City of Vienna, Chief Executive Office, Urban Planning Group
  • City of Vienna, Chief Executive Office, Environmental Technology and Official Procedures
  • City of Vienna, Urban Renewal & Inspecting Authority for Residential Buildings (MA 25)
  • City of Vienna, Research Centre, Laboratory and Certification Services (MA 39)
  • City of Vienna, Housing Promotion and Arbitration Board for Legal Housing Matters (MA 50)