It lays in the tradition and the self-conception of International Building Exhibitions that they use their specific status to develop exemplary solutions for burning societal challenges as well as to follow high quality standards and to experience new ways and procedures. The strive for quality and innovation are visible in first line in the projects.

However, “new processes” have nowadays a similar important role as “new products”. Every project has therefore to fulfill a specific claim and it has to make tangible what this “more” on quality is in regards to already realized project. At the end of the day, it is these projects and their proponents that make the IBA_Vienna.

The Projects of the IBA_Vienna built on the Memorandum of the IBA_Vienna and follow in general terms the three three major themes: „New Social Neighbourhoods“, „New Social Qualities“ and „New Social Responsibilities“.

Depending on the content and progress of each project, they are categorised as follows: “IBA-Accompanying Project”, “IBA-Candidate” or “IBA-Project”.

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