Major Themes

The major themes for the IBA_Vienna 2022 are intended to form the framework for the activities over the next years and to remain effective beyond this period. This thematic framework is described in greater detail below.


New Social Neighbourhoods

The creation of new social districts, the urban development process and the functionality and diverse usability of new urban neighbourhood form the framework for an examination of new forms of housing and living together, optimised construction methods, new financing and site models, the search for (suitable) developers and urban user groups etc.

Urban succession processes, the development of neighbourhoods from the post-war period and also the learning from success stories and failures lay the ground for experiments and lab situations which are necessary for finding creative solutions and new paths.


New Social Qualities

A look at history shows the extent to which the demands made on housing have changed in recent decades. The development of instruments for ensuring housing qualities have certainly highly contributed to guaranty (minimal) standards in housing. Without doubt the development of instruments for quality control in housing has made a considerable contribution to ensuring (minimum) standards for housing but at the same time exogenous factors (such as location, phase of life, milieu…) influence the suitability or appropriateness of the housing situation to a considerable extent. Therefore in the continuous development of quality standards – in the context of climate change, changes in lifestyles and socio-cultural life models – reference must constantly be made to questions about meeting goals and access to subsidised housing.

This theme focuses on ways of coping with social changes, the social sustainability in neighbourhoods, the development of living costs and the necessary share for housing, the reduction of costs on housing construction as well as on organisational, process and financing structures.




New Social Responsibility

The high value attached to state and communal responsibility and to active housing subsidies for social housing is a specific aspect of the Vienna IBA. Given the increasingly strained situation of the communal budget combined with the growing number of people who find themselves in precarious life situations, questions arise about the further development of existing instruments of subsidised housing.

Key themes shall be how to encourage individual initiative, the inclusion of new actors, new carrier models and forms of cooperation and participation as well as on a more general level creating awareness and the internationalization of social housing.