NEWS: Neue Struktur für IBA-Beirat

Die Auseinandersetzung mit IBA-Projektanträgen findet ab sofort in vier Themenforen statt.

>> Arbeitsweise und Aufgaben des IBA-Expertenbeirats


Der Weg zum IBA-Projekt, das im Rahmen des Präsentationsjahres 2022 auch als herausragendes Beispiel der IBA_Wien dargestellt werden wird, führt über mehrere Schritte:


First, the project ideas submitted will be assessed by the IBA advisory committee on the basis of the project documents. If potential for an exceptional IBA project is identified, a consultation then follows with the goal of more clearly defining the potential noted and intensifying the aspect of innovation. At the end there is a recommendation from the IBA advisory committee and the project is nominated as an “IBA-Candidate”.

After the successful development of the project idea a simple quality agreement will be made. Where there is need, and in accordance with the means available, it is also possible to obtain financial support from the IBA_Vienna for the further development of the project idea.

If a project idea is presented in the course of a property developer competition or another IBA selection process this assessment and the formulation of the recommendations will be made by the jury involved in the respective procedure.


As soon as the project is ready to be implemented, the second assessment is made by the IBA advisory committee, which examines whether the quality agreement has been adhered to and assesses the feasibility of the project. If it is decided that both the requirements are met the project will be admitted to the presentations in 2020 and 2022 as an “IBA project”. Depending on the scale and nature of the project, a reworking of the quality agreement can take place at this stage.

IBA-Accompanying Project

It is safe to assume that not all project ideas will be able to follow the path to an IBA Project; this could be because in thematic terms they are not suited to the particular emphasis of the IBA_Vienna or because they do not show a sufficient degree of innovation. Nevertheless, such projects can also be of considerable value for the further development of Vienna.

Such projects can provide a valuable basis at the research level and can offer new knowledge for future developments or they can be suitable learning or demonstration projects that serve as a springboard for innovative further developments. Depending on the theme and direction this can also apply to projects that are already running or that have recently been concluded.

Therefore these project ideas will be included in a separate project category and, if they proceed positively, will be shown during the presentation years in a suitable manner.