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wohnfonds_wien - fonds für wohnbau und stadterneuerung

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nonconform ZT GmbH

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GB*Stadtteilmanagement Berresgasse

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A Neighborhood for Life

>> The planned neighborhood is characterised by its openness for cross-site concepts. The support of self-determination and self-organisation of the future residents leads to the development of the whole area. <<

Ingrid Breckner, Member of the Advisory Board of the IBA


The tender of the developers’ competition Berresgasse was published by wohnfonds_wien on 24 May 2018. This competition procedure is the largest in the over 25-year history of developers’ competitions in Vienna. For the IBA_Vienna, this special challenge was an opportunity for breaking new ground together with wohnfonds_wien in the preparation of a developers’ competition. In this cooperative process an attempt was made in order to transfer the qualities of the Urban Development Framework Plan to the tender of the competition. This was supported by nonconform and the study they made on the area. The central element of this process was a “Development Workshop” with all stakeholders involved. Furthermore, the IBA_Vienna has formulated three aspects for the competition, where special attention should be paid: a lively ground floor, neighborship and identity.

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Developing and populating a neighborhood of this size needs to be understood as social processes. Here, the IBA_Vienna aims to stimulate the reseacrh of the needs of the existing neighborhood while at the same time taking into account the inner diversity of the new urban area. A stakeholder analysis commissioned by the IBA_Vienna and conducted by nonconform provides inspiration. Close cooperation and constant exchange with the local area management of the Vienna Urban Renewal Office contributes to the direct flow of information: With the help of the IBA_Vienna, the wishes, suggestions and ideas of the residents and enquiries from businesses reach the developers and planners directly.

With the aim of developing a sustainable, community-promoting neighborhood, the IBA_Vienna accompanies and supports innovative concepts for the individual building projects in Berresgasse, which are intended to have an impact beyond the building itself and into the neighborhood. Neighborly relations and lively neighborhoods are established above all through a large number of small measures. The IBA_Vienna organizes workshops to support the agreement of property developers and future users on the ground floor zone in order to sharpen the interfaces. In addition to retail, this also affects one-person and small businesses, artists and cultural workers, and many more.


IBA Neighborhood: Berresgasse

Candidates in neighborhood


The arcade in the southern part of the complex represents a visual highlight in the planning area. Sports activities are a key feature of the area. On the ground floor, there are 300m2 of space for commercial premises.


A vibrant neighbourhood in the district area at the interface between the education campus and the residential area: An open field of possibilities, offers and attractions as ImPULS for the urban development area Berresfeld.

Bil­dungs­campus Ber­res­gasse

A total of 1,100 school and nursery school places are offered here. There will be a nursery school with 12 groups, a primary school with 17 classes, a new secondary school with 12 classes, two special needs classes and two classes for children and adolesc


Living quality with high flexibility is achieved through a system construction design and an ecological concept with a combination of district heating and geothermal energy.


A Gemeindebau NEU (a NEW type of council housing estate) is to be built here. It offers the future residents compact, inexpensive and new apartments with no own funds required. Communal terraces, children’s playgrounds, a caretaker station and a commerci

Das 3/4terl – Ge­meinsam im Takt

The project deals with the topic of neighborhood, and because of the location of the development area particularly with the neighborhood between school and inhabitants.

FELDen am Ba­de­teich

The central goal is to be prepared for what cannot be defined yet from the sphere of non-housing uses! Space for temporary use is made available to businesses, artists and cultural workers and/or children and youth groups.

Grätz­lGe­nos­sen­schaft Hirschs­tetten-Ber­res­gasse

The GrätzlGenossenschaft is a socially oriented, commercial service company which is operated jointly and self-administered by its members.

Haus ohne Rück­seite

The building complex is structured around a large commercial area, whose rooftop offers a central, elevated outdoor space for the residents. This elevated area is open for a variety of uses. Due to its location and planning, the central area can also acc


Urbanity is created by a variety of facilities that can be used in a communal way. They can be co-designed in participatory processes right from the beginning.


Cost-effective housing and living is not just a question of cost-effective construction, but of saving household expenses, sharing resources and community-oriented living.


The project provides a differentiated, socially balanced housing offer for people of different ages and stages of life on all building sites.

Trio Inklusiv

The project focuses on the inclusion of the neighboring school campus.

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Nachbarschaftswoche Berresgasse

2020 Öffentliche Veranstaltung 27.10.2020 | 14:00 - 30.10.2020 | 16:00 GB*Stadtteilmanagement Berresgasse | Ziegelhofstraße 36/12/R7 diverse Veranstaltungsorte |

Zum dritten Mal veranstaltet die GB*Stadtteilmanagement eine ganze Woche für die Nachbarschaft in der Berresgasse.

Freiraum im neuen sozialen Wohnbau: Diskussion*

2020 Wie wohnen wir morgen? Diskussion How will we live tomorrow? Weitere Formate 12.10.2020 | 15:00 - | 17:00 WEST (ehem. Sophienspital) | Stollgasse 17/ Ecke Neubaugürtel

Die IBA_Wien Wohnbaufreiräume zeigen neue Ansätze, wie sozialen und ökologischen Herausforderungen auf innovative Weise begegnet werden kann. Eine Kooperation mit ÖGLA / Haus der Landschaft.

Grätzlfest in der Berresgasse - ABGESAGT

2020 Öffentliche Veranstaltung Wie wohnen wir morgen? How will we live tomorrow? 26.09.2020 | 13:00 - | 19:00 Verkehrsfreiraum | Ziegelhofstraße Nr.66 bis Nr. 78A

Am 26.September 2020 feiert das Grätzl Hirschstetten-Breitenlee in der Ziegelhofstraße ein Straßenfest mit viel Jahrmarkt-Charme!

"How will we live tomorrow? New Ways to Social Housing in Europe": Symposium* - Online

2020 How will we live tomorrow? Symposium IBA-Symposium Digitale Vorträge & Online-Diskussionen 23.09.2020 | 14:00 - 24.09.2020 | 16:20 online |

Searching for new solutions for social housing is not only a matter of concern for Vienna, but poses one of the burning issues for many cities in Europe. The symposium therefore focused on challenges in current housing policies as well as on innovative solutions in various cities.

Anrainer*innen der Berresgasse erkunden aspern Die Seestadt Wiens: Exkursion*

2020 Wie wohnen wir morgen? Führung How will we live tomorrow? Führungen & Spaziergänge 18.09.2020 | 14:00 - | 16:00 Flederhaus | U2-Station Seestadt / Ausgang Seestadtpromenade

Das GB*Stadtteilmanagement lädt Anrainer*innen des IBA-Quartiers Berresgasse nach aspern Die Seestadt Wiens ein. Ortskundige führen durch das Gebiet und geben Einblicke in das Leben im Stadtentwicklungsgebiet.

Baustellenführung Berresgasse: Mitgehen und Stadtteil erkunden!

2020 Führungen & Spaziergänge 01.09.2020 | 17:00 - 01.09.2020 | 19:00 Treffpunkt Baustellenführung Berresgasse | Hausfeldstraße/Ecke Baustraße (Verlängerung Lackenjöchlgasse)

GB* Stadtteilmanagement lädt zur ersten Baustellenführung in das Stadtentwicklungsgebiet Berresgasse und informiert Sie zu den Entwicklungen vor Ort.

IBA-Talk: Schafft Wohnbau Quartiere?

Seestadt Aspern (c)L. Schedl/ Wien 3420
2017 IBA-Talk 06.03.2017 | 18:00 - | 20:00 IG Architektur | Gumpendorferstraße 63B

Perspektiven zur qualitätsvollen Quartiersentwicklung

IBA-Talk: Wohnbau und Mobilität

2016 IBA-Talk 06.12.2016 | 18:00 - | 20:00 Wiener Planungswerkstatt | Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 9

Wohnbau und Mobilität - Von der Tiefgarage zum „Mobility Point“?

IBA-Talk: Gemischte Stadt

IBA-Talk Gemischte Stadt - Mischung: Possible!
2016 IBA-Talk 10.11.2016 | 18:00 - | 20:00 TU Wien, Kuppelsaal | Karlsplatz 13

Spielräume und Modelle für eine urbane Nutzungsmischung

IBA-Talk: Freiraum unter Druck

2016 IBA-Talk 06.10.2016 | 16:00 - | 20:00 Hotel Schani | Karl-Popper-Straße 22

Freiraum unter Druck - Nutzungsansprüche und Gestaltungsoptionen

Cooperation Partners

wohnfonds_wien - fonds für wohnbau und stadterneuerung

Lenaugasse 10
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nonconform ZT GmbH

Lederergasse 23/8/EG
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GB*Stadtteilmanagement Berresgasse

Ziegelhofstraße 36/12/7R
1220 Wien

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