Project Proposal to the IBA_Vienna

A „more“ of quality requires a clear frame of reference – scales that provide internally as well as externally binding guidelines for the assessment whether a project reflects the programme, the major themes  of the IBA_Vienna or not. Besides aspects that are specifically related to the location and to the themes, the Memorandum of the IBA_Vienna determines some general criteria:

What makes its special, what is the level of innovation, of the complexity, can a project be implemented, does it give an input to the discourse, how emotional is it.

The criteria of quality are putting an emphasis on the fact that IBA project shall be different of merely good projects. Project proposals are screened on the base of the criteria regarding their potential for innovation.

A simple form for project proposals (in German only) serves as a base for self-evaluation by project initiatives and is a constituent part of project proposals to the IBA_Vienna. The form has to be sent to the following e-mail address:

> Learn more: Introduction of project ideas in the framework of the IBA_Vienna (in German only)

Financial Support by the IBA_Vienna

After the successful development of the project idea a simple quality agreement will be made. Where there is need, and in accordance with the means available, it is also possible to obtain financial support from the IBA_Vienna for the further development of the project idea.

The support does not encompass financial means for construction measures but focusses especially on start-up aid and initiatives for research and testing of new methods and processes which up to date had not or not sufficiently been taken into consideration within the existing structures of the project development and which seem to be suitable to enable the intended innovations of the project proposal presented the IBA_Vienna.