Photo Galleries 2019

IBA VOR ORT in the Per-Albin Hansson settlement (9 - 12/12/2019)

IBA VOR ORT in the Biotope City (various venues, 25 - 29/11/2019)

IBA meets Architects 08 - 51N4E (Architekturzentrum Wien, 13/11/2019)

IBA meets Architects 07 - LAN (Architekturzentrum Wien, 25/09/2019)

IBA vor ORT - pictures from the photo box (Neu Leopoldau, 20/09/2019)

IBA vor ORT - Movie night "Building the future - 100 years of Bauhaus" (Neu Leopoldau, 19/09/2019)

IBA vor ORT in Neu Leopoldau - Welcome party (Neu Leopoldau, 18/09/2019)

IBA vor ORT in Neu Leopoldau - Exhibition opening (Neu Leopoldau, 16/09/2019)

IBA vor ORT - Movie night - Divine situation. A city reinvents itself (Quartier "Am Seebogen", 07/09/2019)

IBA vor ORT at the SeestadtForum (Seestadt, 06/09/2019)

IBA-Talk "Spaces that create climate" (aspern Die Seestadt Wiens Flederhaus, 24/05/2019)

Walk through the neighborhood "Am Seebogen" virtual and real (Quartier "Am Seebogen", 24/05/2019)

IBA_Wien meets Architects 06 with representatives of the "House of Statistics" (AzW, 15.05.2019)