LEBENSBÖGEN - Station-Theater II in the Seestadt (Quartier am Seebogen)



03.09.2022 | 11:00 - 13:00
Meetingpoint: Lina Bo Bardi- Platz (U2-Endstation Seestadt), Forum Am Seebogen, Eileen-Gray-Gasse 2, 1220 Wien

The essential urban aspects of the "Quartier am Seebogen" are reflected dramatically, comically and poetically in the play: culture; sports; living and working, religion; - and of course the lives of the "Seestadt" women with their work and activities. Like its predecessor "LEBENSSTRASSEN", the second Seestadt Stations Theater "LEBENSBÖGEN" is dedicated to the women of the street names in the Seestadt - this time in the quarter at the Seebogen.arches are transitions, paths, connections, they lead from the beginning to the end and back again and represent not least beauty of form and aesthetics. In architecture, the arch enables door and window openings. Arches open up possibilities - sometimes to other life. Arches of life.

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  • Idea, concept, management: Vanessa Payer Kumar
  • Book: Vanessa Payer Kumar und Florian Stanek
  • Direction: Tania Golden
  • With: Maxi Blaha, Tania Golden, Viktoria Hillisch, Artur Ortens, Vanessa Payer Kumar, Florian Stanek, Christina Trefny
  • Special appearance:  Tini Kainrath/ Constanze Hojsa 

Sponsors and cooperation partners:

  • IBA Wien 2022
  • Wien 3420
  • Bezirk Donaustadt Kultur 
  • Stadt Wien LOGO
  • Zukunftsfonds Österreich
  • Kulturgarage
  • Büchereien Wien
  • Wien Xtra 
  • LiDo- Wien zu Fuß

A production of theater7

Language: This event will be held in German.