LEBENSBÖGEN - Station-Theater II in the Seestadt (Quartier am Seebogen)



10.09.2022 | 11:00 - 13:00
Meetingpoint: Lina Bo Bardi- Platz (U2-Endstation Seestadt), Forum Am Seebogen, Eileen-Gray-Gasse 2, 1220 Wien

Wandering from station to station (indoors and outdoors), the audience follows the actors in a diverse, approximately 2-hour series of scenes. The play takes place in the IBA_Vienna award-winning "Quartier Am Seebogen", where, among others, Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom meets Pippi Longstocking or Zaha Hadid meets Wangari Maathaai..... Dramatically, comically and poetically, the urban aspects of culture, sport, "living and working" and religion are combined with the life and work of the "Seestadt Frauen" to form a large theatrical arch.

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  • Idea/Concept/Artistic Direction: Vanessa Payer Kumar 
    Book: Vanessa Payer Kumar and Florian Stanek 
    Director/Production Management: Tania Golden 
    Set and costume design: Sigrid Dreger 
    Production assistance: Nandini Kirchbaumer 
  • Acting: Tania Golden, Viktoria Hillisch, Artur Ortens, Vanessa Payer Kumar, Marion Rottenhofer, Florian Stanek / Lukas Strasser, Christina Trefny 
  • Special appearance: Tini Kainrath / Constanze Hojsa as well as Maxi Blaha 
  • Photo: diefotografin.at
  • Design: dimensions.at 
  • Drawings: Katharina Höppel

Sponsors and cooperation partners:

  • IBA Wien 2022
  • Wien 3420
  • Bezirk Donaustadt Kultur 
  • Stadt Wien LOGO
  • Zukunftsfonds Österreich
  • Kulturgarage
  • Büchereien Wien
  • Wien Xtra 
  • LiDo- Wien zu Fuß

A production of theater7

Language: This event will be held in German.