How will we
live tomorrow?

How will we live tomorrow?

Exhibition on the interim status of the International Building Exhibition Vienna 2022

The exhibition "How will we live tomorrow?" was part of the Interim Presentation of the IBA_Vienna 2022 and offered a general overview of the ongoing projects and processes for the implementation of innovative new developments around the topic of social housing. In addition to the exhibition in WEST (former Sophienspital), numerous events, presentations, guided tours, and site visits also took place in the period from September 8 to October 22, 2020. 

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Brochure about the Interim Presentation

We would like to thank all visitors, participants of the analog and digital events, and partners for their participation, lively exchange, and interest!



For many of the events that took place in the period from September 8 to October 22,        
2020, video recordings, photos, and information material can be found in the calendar.


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Photos of all events can also be found at our impressions.                                                            



WEST (former Sophienspital)

The area of the former Sophienspital not far from Vienna's west train station will by 2024 have become a new urban center in a prime location: with subsidized housing, bars and restaurants, stores, public green space and a lively ground-floor zone with arcades and shop windows.

The WEST was the venue for the interim presentation of the IBA_Vienna, the International Building Exhibition 2022.