Project Overview

Innovations for the Future of Social Housing

Within the framework of the IBA_Vienna, 9 districts and neighborhoods, each with several projects, as well as 15 individual projects are being worked on. In total, there are now more than 100 projects that are to be monitored further and completed by the presentation year 2022 in order to make the results visible to the public.



Below is a list of all IBA Candidates in alphabetical order:


"Blauer Hof" - outstanding housing estate

Where the Cologne district of Buchforst is located today, there used to be flat land, the so-called "Kalker Feld". GAG acquired an area of over 180,000 m2 there in 1926.

4 im Viertel

Neu Leopoldau

The project offers innovative housing types as vertically structured house clusters. On the ground floor there are communal rooms which, together with the listed transformer building, form the neighborhood centre.

50 Green Houses

50 Grüne Häuser

Within the framework of "50 Green Houses", an integrated combination solution for roadside retrofitting of existing buildings with greenery is being developed for the first time.


Barrierefreiheit Nachbarschaft Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

AALbin "Active in old age with digitalisation" is intended to whet senior citizens' appetite for digitalisation. As part of the project, a total of 30 senior citizens will be equipped with a tablet and a smart watch including a mobile emergency call.


Biotope City Wienerberg

AMELIE is an ideal project for families and nature lovers. There are shading elements for the hot summer months. Planters on the balconies and partially greened facades support the green space concept.



Apfelbaum is a visionary real estate project. It offers a counter-model to exclusion and displacement and focuses on inclusion as a social attitude.

Atelierhaus C21

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel

The Atelierhaus dissolves the usual spatial boundaries between working and living and offers space as a neutral framework, open for different living structures and uses that the users can design and determine themselves.


To tackle the issue of affordable housing, the City of Barcelona bundles multiple policy approaches and instruments within the housing plan “The Barcelona Housing System: a mission-oriented economy (2016 – 2025).”

Baufeld O Neu Leopoldau

Neu Leopoldau

NeuLeo Together in a small town - this is the motto of NeuLeo, the new center of the Neu Leopoldau urban development area. NeuLeo will create an urban space with a lively mix of living, working and leisure activities.



The IBA_Vienna projects are based on the IBA_Vienna Memorandum and essentially follow the three major themes listed therein: "New social neighborhoods", "New social qualities" and "New social responsibility".

Depending on content and progress, each project is assigned to a status category: "IBA Accompanying Project", "IBA Candidate", or "IBA Project".

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