Virtual walks through the IBA neighborhoods

Looking to the future from home and walking through new urban development areas, even though they are not yet completed? Virtual Reality (VR for short) makes it possible. wohnfonds_wien, Wien 3420 Aspern Developement AG and IBA_Vienna have jointly developed three virtual tours through the neighborhoods "Am Seebogen", Wolfganggasse and Berresgasse.

With one click into the future: VReady, steady, go!

Graphic and pictorial representations of future building projects often give the impression of real photographs. But especially with larger development areas it remains difficult to imagine how the new neighborhood will present itself as a whole: how high will the individual buildings be, how large will the park be, how far will the subway station be from the school, all these questions usually remain unclear. With the implementation of the 360° degree representations it is possible to get an overview easily and intuitively. By moving the cursor you can look to the right and to the left, turn, look up and down and even zoom in closer. This creates a realistic feeling for the neighborhood and its dimensions, which can be explored and got to know in this way long before the construction is completed.

Either use a PC, tablet or smartphone to navigate through the neighborhoods with a cursor or use a VR headset – e.g. a smartphone and matching VR glasses - and you are ready to go!


Quartier "Am Seebogen"

Just click here and you will find yourself at Lina-Bo-Bardi-Platz right next to the exit Seestadtpromenade at the U2 station Seestadt. From here you can explore the neighborhood "Am Seebogen" along three routes.

If you want to use your VR headset, enter via www.aspern-seestadt.at/vr and put your smartphone into your VR glasses. Our tip when using a VR headset: It's best to try out how you move through the virtual Quartier "Am Seebogen" while sitting down - because you get a 360° view simply by turning your head. You change your location by fixing the desired hotspot with the small crosshairs in the middle of the field of view. The link is then automatically triggered after 1-2 seconds.

>> More information about the IBA neighborhood "Am Seebogen"



From now on there is the possibility to visit the new urban neighbhorhood Wolfganggasse in the 12th district via a virtual model. Click here and you are in the middle of the new area. Explore the neighborhood and how it fits into the existing environment.

>> More information about the IBA neighborhood Wolfganggasse



A new district is being built in Vienna's 22nd district, from which not only the future residents will benefit through new infrastructural offers, but above all the neighbors.. Take a walk through the Berresgasse neighbourhood in Vienna's Donaustadt district while it is still under construction: Click here! 

>> More information about the IBA neighborhood Berresgasse