How will we
live tomorrow?

Interim Presentation of the International
Building Exhibition Vienna 2022


The exhibition took place from September 8 to October 22, 2020 at WEST (former Sophienspital), 1070 Vienna. In addition to the exhibition, there were numerous events, presentations, guided tours and on-site visits during this period.

We would like to thank all visitors, participants of the analog and digital events and partners for their participation, the lively exchange and interest!


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5. Door - Visiting completed projects

Some of the IBA candidates have already been fully constructed and are already largely occupied by the future residents.

4. Door - Digital lectures and discussions

Special times require special formats! During the interim presentation, exciting lectures and discussions about the urban planning of today and tomorrow took place.

3. Door - School tours through the exhibition

IBA meets school! This was the motto of the numerous school tours through the exhibition "How we will live tomorrow". The topic of New Social Housing was communicated to the pupils in a playful way.

2. Door - Walking tours

In the course of the interim presentation, information about the IBA candidates was available not only in the exhibition, but also directly on site during guided tours through the various project areas.

1. Door - Digital exhibition tour

Missed the exhibition? No problem! With our digital exhibition tour you can take a look at our exhibition "How do we live tomorrow?" from the comfort of your own home.

IBA-Advent calendar

In December a calendar door opens here every day with a review of the IBA interim presentation "How will we live tomorrow?" 2020.
We wish you a peaceful Advent season!

IBA_Vienna visits Café Puls

Kurt Hofstetter, coordinator of IBA_Vienna, was a guest at Café Puls on September 16th. He spoke on TV about the future of the new social housing and about the exhibition "How will we live tomorrow?"

Please note that the video language is german.

IBA ResearchLab New Social Housing CALL FOR PAPERS

From 7 to 11 September 2020, the Vienna International Summer School will take place for the third time as part of IBA_Vienna. The invitation for participation has been extended until 19 April!


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Apfelbaum "Apfelbaum" is a visionary real estate project. It is the objective of the project to function as a counter-model to exclusion and displacement by instead focusing on inclusion as a social attitude.

50 Green Houses

50 Grüne Häuser Within the framework of "50 Green Houses", an integrated combination solution for roadside retrofitting of existing buildings with greenery is being developed for the first time.


Wolfganggasse The urban development area "Wolfganggasse" is a prime example of a new social neighborhood focussing offers for single parents.

Smarter Together

Smarter Together The City of Vienna and numerous partners and companies developed trend-setting Smart City solutions in Simmering - Vienna. Together with the people on site!

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel To the east of Helmut-Zilk-Park in Vienna-Favoriten, a small-scale, mixed-use and largely car-free neighborhood is being developed. "Quartiershäuser" and projects of building cooperatives provide new impetus.


Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung How can an existing large urban housing estate made be fit for future and adapted to today's living needs? This is one of the central questions that IBA_Vienna deals with in the neighborhood of Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost in Vienna-Favoriten.

Neu Leopoldau

Neu Leopoldau The development in Neu Leopoldau follows the motto “young housing” and comprises around 1,400 apartments, 70,000 m² for commercial use and plenty of outdoor space.

Biotope City Wienerberg

Biotope City Wienerberg Climate adaptation measures in subsidized housing play an increasingly important role, but the principle of affordability must not be neglected. The Biotope City Wienerberg shows that dense development and effective greening are compatible.


Berresgasse In the immediate vicinity of the Hirschstetten bathing pond, a new, diverse urban area is being created.

Quartier "An der Schanze"

An der Schanze The "An der Schanze" property developers' competition tendered started in February 2019. In a two-stage, dialog-oriented procedure, the foundations were laid for a new, lively neighborhood with high living quality and an urban character.


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"Mein letztes Auto": Performance

16.10.2020 | 16:00 „Mein letztes Auto“ ist eine interaktive Performance, die sich vor dem Hintergrund des Klimawandels mit der Liebe zum Auto beschäftigt.

"Mein letztes Auto": Performance

22.09.2020 | 14:00 „Mein letztes Auto“ ist eine interaktive Performance, die sich vor dem Hintergrund des Klimawandels mit der Liebe zum Auto beschäftigt.

"Frauen Bauen Stadt. The City Through a Female Lens": Symposium*

08.10.2020 | 18:00 Wir werfen einen Blick auf die Stadt von morgen und gehen der Frage nach: Wie stellen sich Stadtplanung und Städtebau in Theorie und Praxis aus weiblicher Perspektive dar? (Veranstaltung in englischer Sprache)

„Between Social and Ecological Sustainability”: Public Discussion*

08.09.2020 | 19:00 Based on online seminars in the context of ResearchLab, the topic of conflicts between social and ecological sustainability will be treated in a public discussion.

IBA ResearchLab 2020: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in Social Housing – Bottom Up and Local Perspectives | Tag 2

08.09.2020 | 10:00

IBA_Wien Schulworkshops*

09.09.2020 | 10:00 „Wir wohnen wir morgen?“ Die IBA_Wien Neues Soziales Wohnen lädt junge Menschen ein, sich in altersgerechten Workshops zu informieren und mit zu diskutieren. In Kooperation mit dem Verein Wanderklasse.


17.10.2020 | 13:00 Jede*r kann mitbauen an unserer Legostadt! Es werden Anregungen in der Ausstellung gesucht und danach kann nach eigenen Vorstellungen ein Teil der Stadt gebaut werden. Unterstützung gibt es von Architekturvermittler*innen des Az W.

Houseful: stand-up innovation*

16.09.2020 | 17:30 Yes, we all can feel it, summers in cities, like Vienna get sometimes unbearably hot. But let’s not complain like typical Viennese. Let’s focus on the solutions. How to counter “urban heat islands”? Professional inputs and a discussion with the audience will address the question how to oppose urban heat islands.

"In organising IBA_Vienna, the International Building Exhibition 2022, the City of Vienna is focusing on the innovative and further development of social housing. This is a continuation of a hundred years of successful tradition in social housing in order to actively shape outstanding new developments in the field of housing and housing construction.

In the fall of 2020, the exhibition "How will we live tomorrow?" provided an overview of the intermediate results of more than 100 innovative building projects and processes. Until the presentation year 2022, these will now be accompanied by IBA_Wien for the purpose of quality assurance and will finally be presented to the public after completion.

Kathrin Gaál
Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Housing, Housing Construction, Urban Renewal and Women's Issues & President of the IBA_Vienna