International Building Exhibition

Welcome to the IBA_Vienna, the International Building Exhibition Vienna 2022.

The IBA_Vienna was launched in February 2016 and will be completed in the fall of 2022. New developments on the theme of New Social Housing are not only planned, but they are in fact subsequently implemented. Thus, the constructed results become the actual exhibition objects.

The goal of the IBA_Vienna is to stimulate and support innovations for the future of social housing and their implementation and to accompany them until completion in the sense of quality control. Affordability, safe housing conditions, and contemporary standards for a dignified living environment always form the basic framework for all developments, which is why comprehensive neighborhood development is of particular importance. In addition, many questions arise as to how to respond to global developments and their impact on us.

All information about the IBA_Vienna, its neighborhoods and candidate projects, as well as its findings and research results can be found on this website.

The team of IBA_Vienna 2022


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Final presentation 2022: IBA base in the "Am Seebogen" quarter

Over a period of around five months, numerous forward-looking projects can be visited on site or viewed in the central exhibition. In addition to an IBA headquarters, there will also be a base in the Forum Am Seebogen.

Frauen Bauen Stadt - Audio report by Radio für Stadtforschung

The program will be broadcast live on Radio Orange 94.0 (Vienna) on February 2, 2021 at 17:30 and can also be listened to via livestream or later in the CBA archive.

We wish you happy holidays and a good start into the new year!

A review of the year 2020 and an outlook on the next year can be found in our current newsletter:

IBA_Vienna visits Café Puls

Kurt Hofstetter, coordinator of IBA_Vienna, was a guest at Café Puls on September 16th. He spoke on TV about the future of the new social housing and about the exhibition "How will we live tomorrow?"

Please note that the video language is german.

Ganz schön viel los in der Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung!

Gleich mehrere Projekte starten diesen Sommer in diesem IBA-Quartier.

Neues soziales Wohnen - Positionen zur IBA_Wien

... ist im JOVIS-Verlag erschienen und bietet in Form von Beiträgen, Interviews und Tischgesprächen auf fast 350 Seiten eine breite Palette an Betrachtungen und Perspektiven von Beteiligten wie auch von außenstehenden Beobachter*innen zum Thema der IBA_Wien.

Schlusspräsentation 2022: IBA-Stützpunkt im Quartier „Am Seebogen“

Über einen Zeitraum von rund fünf Monaten können zahlreiche zukunftsweisende Projekte vor Ort besichtigt oder in der zentralen Ausstellung betrachtet werden. Neben einer IBA-Zentrale wird es auch einen Stützpunkt im Forum Am Seebogen geben.

4. International Summer School

Vom 13.9. bis 17.9. wird sich die Summer School den Veränderungen und Herausforderungen zuwenden, die während der Covid-19-Pandemie auftraten oder sich verschärften und den Charakter und die Bedeutung von „Zuhause“ veränderten.


Aufbauend auf der von der Wohnbauforschung der Stadt Wien unterstützten Studie und Enquete „Frauen.Wohnen.Wien“ 2019 präsentiert die TU Wien nun eine Website mit 18 spannenden Beiträgen zu Frauen und Wohnen in Form einer Online–Ausstellung: https://frauenundwohnen.at/


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die HausWirtschaft

die HausWirtschaft The building cooperative "die HausWirtschaft" sees itself as a space company that realises a building and roof company oriented towards the common good in a participative process. The focus is on the close connection between working and living.

G'mischter Block

G'mischter Block Based on the “Master Plan Gründerzeit”, essential and previously underused parts of a Gründerzeit block are to be redeveloped in Vienna-Favoriten.

Quartier "An der Schanze"

An der Schanze The "An der Schanze" property developers' competition tendered started in February 2019. In a two-stage, dialog-oriented procedure, the foundations were laid for a new, lively neighborhood with high living quality and an urban character.


Waldrebengasse As a result of a developers’ competition of the 2018-2020 housing offensive, subsidized rental apartments in a timber construction will be built on a plot of land in Stadlau.

Biotope City Wienerberg

Biotope City Wienerberg Climate adaptation measures in subsidized housing play an increasingly important role, but the principle of affordability must not be neglected. The Biotope City Wienerberg shows that dense development and effective greening are compatible.


Podhagskygasse In Podhagskygasse, temporary and inexpensive housing is being made available on currently not designated but usable areas. This is made possible by an ingenious modular system.


Wiesen Dialog The aim of the project was to develop a coherent neighborhood that would link neighbours across construction sites and support their self-organisation.

Smarter Together

Smarter Together The City of Vienna and numerous partners and companies developed trend-setting Smart City solutions in Simmering - Vienna. Together with the people on site!

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel To the east of Helmut-Zilk-Park in Vienna-Favoriten, a small-scale, mixed-use and largely car-free neighborhood is being developed. "Quartiershäuser" and projects of building cooperatives provide new impetus.

Quartier "Am Seebogen"

Am Seebogen With the Quartier "Am Seebogen", the urban development in the north of the lakeside town of aspern has begun. A neighborhood will be created here which will primarily focus on mixed use.


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IBA meets Architects 11

30.06.2021 | 19:00 In Red Vienna, socio-cultural infrastructures were an integral part of the planning of new residential neighbourhood - how can this tried and tested practice be transferred into today? In its eleventh edition, the event series is dedicated to the topic of living together in the city.

Frauen Bauen Stadt: Exhibition and Symposium

29.04.2021 | 12:00 Frauen Bauen Stadt - The City Through a Female Lens takes a look at the city of tomorrow and explores the questions: To what extent will the city of the future be tailored to the wishes and needs of women? And what role do female architects and urban planners play in this?

"25 Jahre Bauträgerwettbewerbe": Ausstellung*

08.09.2020 | 10:00 Vom Experiment zum Erfolgsmodell – der wohnfonds_wien, fonds für wohnbau und stadterneuerung, lässt anhand einer Leistungsschau die letzten 25 Jahre des Instruments Bauträgerwettbewerb Revue passieren.

Houseful: stand-up innovation*

16.09.2020 | 17:30 Yes, we all can feel it, summers in cities, like Vienna get sometimes unbearably hot. But let’s not complain like typical Viennese. Let’s focus on the solutions. How to counter “urban heat islands”? Professional inputs and a discussion with the audience will address the question how to oppose urban heat islands.

IBA ResearchLab 2020: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in Social Housing – Bottom Up and Local Perspectives | Tag 2

08.09.2020 | 10:00


18.01.2021 | 18:00 At the invitation of the IBA ResearchLab New Social Housing, filmmakers Frank Hagen and Miae Son went to Vienna in search of local projects and initiatives that contribute to finding solutions to the consequences of climate change.

OPENhauswirtschaft - "Soziale Impulse durch kleinteilige Nutzungsmischung": Workshop*

06.10.2020 | 18:00 Bringen Klein- und Kleinstunternehmen als Gemeinschaft im Stadtteil (neue) soziale Impulse für die Gruppe und für den Stadtteil? Der Workshop bringt einschlägige Expert*innen an einen Tisch und ermöglicht Austausch zu den vielen Aspekten dieser Frage.

"In organising IBA_Vienna, the International Building Exhibition 2022, the City of Vienna is focusing on the innovative and further development of social housing. This is a continuation of a hundred years of successful tradition in social housing in order to actively shape outstanding new developments in the field of housing and housing construction.

In the fall of 2020, the exhibition "How will we live tomorrow?" provided an overview of the intermediate results of more than 100 innovative building projects and processes. Until the presentation year 2022, these will now be accompanied by IBA_Wien for the purpose of quality assurance and will finally be presented to the public after completion.

Kathrin Gaál, Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Women and Housing