Project overview

Innovations for the Future of Social Housing



4 im Viertel

Neu Leopoldau

The project offers innovative housing typologies as vertically structured building clusters. There are communal spaces on the ground floor, which form the center of the neighborhood together with the listed transformer station.

50 Green Houses

50 Grüne Häuser

Within the framework of "50 Green Houses", an integrated combination solution for roadside retrofitting of existing buildings with greenery is being developed for the first time.


Nachbarschaft und soziale Infrastruktur Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

AALbin "Active in old age with digitalisation" is intended to whet senior citizens' appetite for digitalisation. As part of the project, a total of 30 senior citizens will be equipped with a tablet and a smart watch including a mobile emergency call.


Biotope City Wienerberg

Each unit was planned with outdoor spaces and has high standards of fittings and furnishings after completion. There are shading elements for the hot summer months. Planters on the balconies and partially greened facades support the green space concept.



"Apfelbaum" is a visionary real estate project. It is the objective of the project to function as a counter-model to exclusion and displacement by instead focusing on inclusion as a social attitude.

Atelierhaus C.21

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel

The Atelierhaus dissolves the typical spatial boundaries between working and living and offers a framework for a range of living structures and uses that the users can design and specify themselves.

Bauplatz G3

An der Schanze

Bauplatz G3 marks the southern end of the "An der Schanze" quarter. The Urban Wildernes created here makes up an essential portion of the local green space.



The arcade in the southern part of the complex represents a visual highlight in the planning area. Sports activities are a key feature of the area. On the ground floor, there are 300m2 of space for commercial premises.

Berres am Puls


A vibrant neighbourhood in the district area at the interface between the education campus and the residential area: An open field of possibilities, offers and attractions as ImPULS for the urban development area Berresfeld.