Accompanying Projects


From the very beginning, in addition to the development and qualification of IBA-Candidate projects, IBA_Vienna also included projects and schemes that were suitable for either providing valuable impulses for the content orientation of IBA_Vienna, or that made it possible to specifically address specific population groups and invite them into the overall process. In addition, it was always necessary to take a closer look at individual topics in the form of studies or analyses in order to prepare for further steps, to support the candidate projects in terms of quality assurance or to address new actors with a fresh and critical view.

These activities have proven to be very important for the overall development of IBA_Vienna, which is why they should be made visible in the overall context of this international building exhibition.

Some accompanying projects have at least a temporary local reference and can therefore be located, but many are primarily of thematic or general importance for the future of social housing or took place in the form of events and discussions.


Block Renewal in the 15th District

Kids and teenagers have specific requirements in regards to their housing environment especially in the urban areas dating from the fin de siècle “Gründerzeit”. Two block refurbishment areas in the 15th district are testing grounds for new measures.

Embedded Exception

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"Embedded Exception" is an artistic research project within the IBA context of concepts „empowerment“ and „creating space“.

Essbare Seestadt

The "essbare Seestadt"-project is a 2-year research project that investigates contributions of food production in the city and implements projects in Aspern Seestadt for this purpose.

Home game in PAHO

Nachbarschaft und soziale Infrastruktur Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

Wiener Wohnen and SOS Kinderdorf Wien are launching home game soccer plays in PAHO in summer 2021: Together with sports teachers, parents and neighbours, space is to be created for girls and boys aged 4 to 10 to play and do sports.

IBA meets School

Housing in Vienna is a very complex subject. The IBA_Vienna developed therefore together with the Vienna City School Council teaching resources in order to give to pupils an insight to the housing issue. Enough reason for an IBA school project.

Ich brauche Platz!

Berresgasse Neu Leopoldau Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

A disused public bus becomes an experimental space for young people!

Living Lab

The project "Constructing the Commons" deals with the development and further development of commons based on the example of the IBA area Sonnwendviertel.

living::sounds – living::moves

living::sounds living::moves - Kinderprogramm am Educult Aktionstag

living::sounds – living::moves is a participative theater and music project in the Sonnwendviertel quarter focusing on the IBA-Vienna theme of “New Social Housing”.

My last car

On debating the upcoming climate crisis and a mobility turnaround, we ask ourselves (and others) what we would miss if we had no more cars. The performance is intended to open up a space on this debate.