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How can cities remain inclusive, livable, and affordable in the face of current changes, and what can architecture, landscape planning, urban planning, engineering, social sciences, and other disciplines contribute to ensuring affordable housing? The IBA_Vienna addresses this question in numerous projects and on different scale levels and invites experts to develop facts and argumentation bases for strategies and concrete programs for a New Social Housing.

The publications are part of the series Contributions to IBA_Vienna and, with few exceptions, available as download in German language only!


How will we live tomorrow? New ways to Social Housing in Europe (Volume 26)

In recent years, the issue of affordable housing has become a key topic of discussion in many metropolises. The IBA_Vienna aims to transcend the traditional format of a merely local building exhibition and instead wants to enhance the exchange with other cities.

The symposium “How will we live tomorrow? New ways to Social Housing in Europe” provided a kick-off for this co-operation and initiated the dialogue along three main themes: sustainable neighbourhood development, affordability & new ways of housing, and climate adaptation & sustainability.

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Smarter Together Vienna (Volume 29)

Since it began in February 2016, Smarter Together has developed into the primary holistic smart city urban renewal initiative in Vienna. It has implemented future-oriented solutions in pilot projects while testing and researching them at the same time.

Along with the innovative and interrelated technical solutions developed by Smarter Together, it is above all the methods and processes running in the background that have contributed significantly to the sustainable success of the project.

A main aim of the present publication is thus to shed light on these methods and processes. A synopsis of technical and data-based information on individual sub-projects (especially in the factsheets) on the one hand and process information on the other is intended to provide in-depth insight into the successful and sustainabilityoriented management of the project.

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IBA ResearchLab New Social Housing 2018 - 2022 (Band 38)

A cooperation project of the IBA_Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna for international scientific discussion and interdisciplinary networking on the topic of "New Social Housing".

This publication is a documentation of five years of this cooperation between the city, the universities and young international researchers. Within the framework of the IBA_Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna a research cluster was established (ResearchLab) to promote interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. Integrated into this, a series of annual international summer schools on relevant aspects of social housing started in 2019: Transformation of (large-scale) post-war social housing (2018), the social of social housing (2019), social aspects of housing and climate adaptation (2020), housing in post-corona (2021) and economies of building and housing (2022) .

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IBA meets Architects #11-14 (Band 39)

Architekt*innen für ein neues soziales Wohnen.

Eine gemeinsame Veranstaltungsreihe von AzW und IBA_Wien Neues soziales Wohnen:

IBA_Wien meets Architects #11: Mittwoch, 30.06.2021, AzW Podium

IBA_Wien meets Architects #12: Mittwoch, 13.10.2021, AzW Podium

IBA_Wien meets Architects #13: Mittwoch, 18.05.2022, AzW Podium

IBA_Wien meets Architects #14: Mittwoch, 09.11.2022, AzW Podium

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