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How can cities remain inclusive, livable, and affordable in the face of current changes, and what can architecture, landscape planning, urban planning, engineering, social sciences, and other disciplines contribute to ensuring affordable housing? The IBA_Vienna addresses this question in numerous projects and on different scale levels and invites experts to develop facts and argumentation bases for strategies and concrete programs for a New Social Housing.

The publications are part of the series Contributions to IBA_Vienna and, with few exceptions, available as download in German language only!


How will we live tomorrow? New ways to Social Housing in Europe (Volume 26)

In recent years, the issue of affordable housing has become a key topic of discussion in many metropolises. The IBA_Vienna aims to transcend the traditional format of a merely local building exhibition and instead wants to enhance the exchange with other cities.

The symposium “How will we live tomorrow? New ways to Social Housing in Europe” provided a kick-off for this co-operation and initiated the dialogue along three main themes: sustainable neighbourhood development, affordability & new ways of housing, and climate adaptation & sustainability.

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