Formats of the IBA_Vienna

The IBA_Vienna is considering itself as a process that drives a city-wide discourse on current and burning issues of the new development of social housing and thus wants to have a lasting effect on the historically grown and closely interwoven network of players. At the same time, the IBA_Vienna is a platform for central and, in particular, also new players - be it in the fields of planning and execution, developing and financing, research, consultancy and teaching, politics and administration, and last but not least the Viennese population.

On this account, IBA meets art and artists, space making actors, ForFuture Organisations, young people and universities, and other IBAs in Europe.

In order to respond adequately to the many demands for exchange and communication in connection with the IBA_Vienna, a number of formats were developed initially that serve to activate and develop potential IBA projects and to move the theme of “New Social Housing” into general awareness. Most of these formats are open to the public, even though they appeal in part to different audiences.



An important focus of the IBA_Vienna is on public exchange about current questions in the areas of housing, housing construction, urban planning and social interactions

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IBA meets Architects

In cooperation with the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W), a very successful series of events has been launched, inviting international architects to address current issues of the IBA_Vienna. 

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In order to sharpen, clarify or intensify interesting approaches, project ideas or cooperation, it is sometimes useful to convene a group of stakeholders in the form of a non-public workshop.

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In order to initiate a multi-stage discussion process on topics that will increasingly affect the city in the future, the IBA_Vienna together with the future.lab of the Vienna University of Technology started the "IBA Focus" series.

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IBA on site

With "IBA on site" the IBA_Vienna comes directly to the residents in the IBA neighborhoods and gives a first insight into projects and areas of the International Building Exhibition in Vienna.

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The IBA_Vienna organizes and participates in symposia that bring together experts and initiate a broad exchange on the main challenges of housing policy and possible solutions.

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Digital lectures and online discussions

Less because of possible restrictions, but rather to reach a wider circle of people, IBA_Wien occasionally moves discussions and lectures into virtual space.

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Guided tours

As a building exhibition, the IBA_Vienna organizes walks in the project districts, guided tours on construction sites, and tours in completed projects or neighborhoods.

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IBA Meets Art

Artistic actions with their event character can create identities, generate images of a possible future and tell stories, especially in newly developing neighborhoods. From the very beginning, IBA_Vienna has given this cultural commitment a central place with its “IBA Meets Art” format.

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IBA Meets School

If the needs of children and young people are integrated at an early stage, the young generation becomes a co-designer of neighborhood identity. IBA_Vienna therefore cooperates with school policy and educational institutions from the very beginning.

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IBA Meets Research

The IBA_Vienna is closely linked to the Vienna Housing Research and sees itself as a learning system. Therefore, the scientific analysis, research and critical reflection of the thematic field “New Social Housing” has been of great importance from the very beginning.

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Additional formats

Depending on the projects and the way the discussions develop further formats are contiuosly created (e.g. project calls but also symposia etc.).

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