IBA meets school


Schools, kindergartens, youth recreational, cultural and educational facilities are essential anchor points of public life. They are increasingly developing into learning and living spaces with new pedagogical and architectural concepts.

They also play an important role in integrating new and existing neighborhoods. They are places of encounter and, as diverse educational landscapes, also open up to the city beyond their pure school function. The participation and involvement of the residents are just as important development principles as the socially networked offers of extracurricular child and youth work. In this way, children and young people become active players in society and in the urban space.

With its spatial implementation of contemporary pedagogical concepts in the form of open, diverse educational landscapes, the Viennese Campus Model, launched in 2009, has provided an enormous boost to innovation in school construction. The classroom dissolves and space starts moving, becoming the “third educator.” If the needs of children and young people are integrated at an early stage, the young generation becomes a co-designer of neighborhood identity. IBA_Vienna therefore cooperates with school policy and educational institutions from the very beginning. In the projects and neighborhoods of IBA_Vienna, educational buildings thus play a central role and interact closely with housing.


IBA meets School

IBA Meets School

Housing in Vienna is a very complex subject. The IBA_Vienna developed therefore together with the Vienna City School Council teaching resources in order to give to pupils an insight to the housing issue. Enough reason for an IBA school project.

BiB-Lab – Innovation Lab for Educational Spaces in Motion

IBA Meets School

In a three-year cooperation process, work is being done in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung, on new models of creative spaces for thinking, acting and designing, which have so far been lacking in the existing (educational) structures.



Please note, most of our events are held and documented in german.

Ausstellung "Wohnen in Wien"

IBA Meets School 2017 21.06.2017 | 13:00 - 29.09.2017 | 15:30 Campus Sonnwendviertel | 1100 Wien Aula des Stadtschulrats für Wien | 1010 Wien

Wohnen in Wien ist ein vielschichtiges Thema. Gemeinsam mit dem Stadtschulrat für Wien entwickelte die IBA daher Unterrichtsmaterialien, die Schülerinnen und Schülern Einblick in die Wohnmaterie geben sollen. Die Projekt-Ergebnisse der Pilotschulen kann man sich jetzt in einer Ausstellung ansehen.