The "I" in IBA

The IBA_Vienna is seizing the opportunity provided by an International Building Exhibition and Vienna’s role as a model city for social housing to exchange views internationally on the challenges that in different ways affect almost all major European cities. In order to live up to the claim of every IBA to discuss international future issues of social change on the basis of concrete projects, the IBA_Vienna acts proactively and organises a variety of formats for international exchange.

International exchange takes place on different levels: among partner cities dealing with similar challenges, between students, researchers and practitioners from all over the world, but also between the currently running IBAs. Symposia, workshops and summer schools, analogue and online, are being held to work together on the diverse challenges of social housing.

The forward-looking solutions of the participating cities will gain more visibility through exchange and networking. That is why, in addition to Vienna's IBA projects, the final presentation of IBA Vienna 2022 will also focus on innovative solutions and approaches from other cities.


Corresponding cities

The IBA_Vienna wants to initiate and present housing policy innovations itself, but also a broad exchange between cities on the main challenges of housing policy and possible solutions. The core of this discourse is a network of partner cities that are in close exchange with each other, jointly define questions and try to answer them with different approaches. The symposium "How will we live tomorrow? New ways of social housing in Europe" took place during the interim presentation of the IBA_Vienna in September 2020 and marked the start of the cooperation between the IBA_Vienna and the partner cities.  The first symposium with Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart opens the dialogue along the three main topics of affordability and new forms of housing, sustainable neighbourhood development and climate adaptation and sustainability.

>> Exchange with partner cities

Vienna International Summer School

As part of the IBA_Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna are establishing a research cluster (ResearchLab) to promote interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. Integrated into this, a series of annual International Summer Schools on relevant aspects of social housing started in 2019: Transformation of (large-volume) post-war social housing (2018), the social of social housing (2019) and social aspects of housing and climate adaptation (2020).

>> Vienna International Summer School

IBA meets IBA

In order to guarantee the standard, transferability and further development of experience at future international building exhibitions and at the same time to set standards in everyday practice, the establishment of the "IBA meets IBA" network was funded by the National Urban Development Policy of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.

With the aim of strengthening the networking of all international building exhibitions, an initial exchange of experience between over 30 experts from past, present and future international building exhibitions took place in the IBA meets IBA laboratory in 2007 on the initiative of IBA Hamburg. Further labs followed in Großräschen, Berlin, Basel, Thuringia, Heidelberg and Vienna.

>> IBA meets IBA

UNECE - Charter on Sustainable Housing

In the framework of the Intergovernmental Committee on Housing and Land Management of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Member States share experiences and best practices to address these complex challenges in their respective countries.