IBA meets IBA


Within the last century, the International Building Exhibitions in Germany have proven themselves as being a future oriented experimental ground for urban development as well as a “trademark” for urban planning and construction culture in Germany.

In order to ensure the transferability of the experiences made and in order to ensure that additional experiences will be made within future International Building Exhibitions as well as to set new benchmarks for the every-day practice, a network called “IBA meets IBA” of the National Urban Development Policy has been set up by the Federal German Ministry for Traffic, Construction and Urban Development.

A first peer to peer meeting of more than 30 experts from past, current and future International Building Exhibitions has been organized on the initiative of the IBA Hamburg in 2007 within the framework of IBA Meets IBA. Further meetings were held in Großräschen, Berlin, Basel, Thüringen and Heidelberg.

The focus laid on the further development and the safeguarding of the quality of the “trademark” IBA, which was linked to the question if and how the instrument of an International Building Exhibition that had been developed in Germany can become a contribution to the European urban planning and construction culture.


Open IBA 


On 8 December 2016, the project „Open IBA“ was presented to the public. Open IBA is at the same time a website as well as an exhibition that can be reproduced and which informs about the format and the history of International Building Exhibitions and that presents through chosen examples their innovation strength and excellence.


Current IBAs



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