Positions on iba_vienna 2022


The IBA_Vienna 2022 is the first International Building Exhibition to be held in Vienna. Vienna thus sets itself the task of developing groundbreaking proposals for solutions and approaches to the challenges of our time. What takes center stage is the topic of New Social Housing. Everyday patterns of behavior and processes are to be questioned with regard to their relevance and accuracy and, if necessary, renegotiated; new stakeholders and key players are getting involved and municipal, housing and social policy instruments and strategies are to be newly or for the first time interlinked. As a consequence of the thematic orientation of the IBA_Vienna, the development of social neighbourhoods as products of social interaction comes to the fore and becomes a central content of the Building Exhibition.

The Vienna International Building Exhibition 2022 was launched in February 2016 and will conclude in the fall of 2022. One key objective of the IBA_Vienna is to achieve a lasting impact through the innovative projects and processes initiated during its duration, thus in the long term enhancing the fine and tightly meshed system surrounding housing in Vienna.

Memorandum on IBA Vienna

The following reflections describe positions on the Vienna International Building Exhibition from different professional perspectives and outline a framework of action for IBA_Vienna against the backdrop of social, demographic, climatic, political and technological changes that affect not only Vienna but a great number of cities in Europe and beyond:


New Social Housing - Reasons for an IBA in Vienna

For many decades, Vienna has a high reputation for its successful social housing policy and for the high standards in housing construction as well as in the urban renewal. The question therefore arises as to why Vienna has specifically chosen an International Building Exhibition on the theme of "New Social Housing" - and the answer is brief: because at the beginning of the 21st century Vienna's housing sector is faced with major new challenges, and especially because an outstanding positioning also brings with it the obligation to ceaselessly strive with the involvement of many key players for new developments and forward-looking action.


Texts that take you further

In recent years, the IBA_Vienna and the future.lab of the Vienna University of Technology have jointly conceived various formats aimed at networking urban actors and advancing professional and public discourse on pressing urban development issues. These topics are reflected in the action framework of the IBA_Vienna and are presented in the publication "New Social Housing. Positions on the IBA_Vienna 2022" for the interim presentation of the IBA_Vienna in the fall of 2020.

The following contributions are taken from the introduction to this publication and explore the questions of which considerations led to the IBA_Vienna, the social context in which the IBA_Vienna is to be understood, and the thematic background against which the IBA_Vienna is to be located: