Key Topics of the IBA_Vienna


The aim of the IBA_Vienna is to stimulate and support smart new developments for the future of social housing and their practical implementation. Affordability, secure housing conditions and modern standards for a dignified living environment have at all times shaped these developments. 

In addition, many questions arise about how to respond to global developments and their effects on us, for example: How do we deal with changing work conditions? How can disadvantaged people be effectively supported? How can a high standard of quality be guaranteed when prices for land and construction are rising and people  are under pressure? How do cities contribute to protecting our living environment?And how do we adapt to the already noticeable effects of climate change? How can living together be designed and organized in a sustainable way?

Based on these questions and the guiding themes from the memorandum to the IBA_Vienna the following five key topics have been developed.


Neighborhood development

Neighborhoods, or “Grätzel” in Viennese dialect, form the hub for social interaction in a city and thus play a special role, one that must continually be developed and redeveloped with particular care.

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Climate adaption & Ecological sustainability

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly noticeable to us all. The number of hot days in summer is rising, particularly densely built-up urban areas are cooling down perceptibly less at night.

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Affordability & New forms of housing

“Housing is a human right.” The growth of cities and the resulting rise in demand for housing are contributing to the fact that available building land and living space are becoming increasingly expensive.

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Developing existing housing stock 

Urban renewal in Vienna is closely associated with areas shaped by the Gründerzeit. However, in the coming years, the further development of existing neighborhoods from the 1950s to the 1970s will become increasingly important.

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