The days when urban development was thought of only as a tabula rasa are long gone. Cities are evolved organisms that can be accommodated not by radical cuts but by continued building in the best sense of the word. This is how social coexistence is maintained, resources are able to be used sparingly and environmentally-friendly mobility concepts are made possible.

As early as the 1970s, Vienna secured a valuable stock with the gentle urban renewal of Gründerzeit neighborhoods, from which the city is still benefitting today. A generation later, the housing estates of the 1950s to 1970s are coming into focus. Here, the focus is on energy refurbishment, but also on questions of mobility and socially sustainable further development.

As part of the IBA_Vienna, two projects are dedicated to the future of large housing estates: Smarter Together in Simmering and the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung in Favoriten. Their focus is on innovative redevelopment methods as well as on the acceptance of changes by residents. The generous green spaces play an important role and can become new spaces of opportunity for all generations.

Other projects aim at the development of existing housing in Gründerzeit neighborhoods. Here it is committed private actors who, with projects such as Apfelbaum, G’mischter Block or Pocket Mannerhatten, show what contributions civil society can make to responsible overall development of housing in the city.


Examples in the IBA ...

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Apfelbaum is a visionary real estate project. It offers a counter-model to exclusion and displacement and focuses on inclusion as a social attitude.

G'mischter Block

Based on the "Masterplan Gründerzeit", significant and previously unused parts of a Gründerzeit block in the 10th district are being redeveloped. Special attention is being paid to revitalising the ground floor zone.

Neu Leopoldau

The development in Neu Leopoldau follows the motto “young housing” and comprises around 1,400 apartments, 70,000 m² for commercial use and plenty of outdoor space.


How can a large urban settlement from the 1970s be made fit for the future and adapted to today's housing needs? This is the central question that the IBA_Vienna addressed in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost (PAHO) neighborhood.

Pocket Mannerhatten

From 2016 to 2021, the Pocket Mannerhatten Ottakring research project investigated the neighbourhood-based use of spaces, areas and infrastructures in a block of houses in Vienna's Ottakring district.

Smarter Together

The City of Vienna and numerous partners and companies developed trend-setting Smart City solutions in Simmering - Vienna. Together with the people on site!

... and beyond

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More Innovations & Projects

Many concrete innovations and projects go beyond the period of the IBA_Vienna and represent important impulses for the further development of the mentioned thematic field.

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Smart Block Geblergasse pilot project

Over the course of a comprehensive plinth renovation, two houses at Geblergasse were extended, raised in height and renovated.

Neighborhood Funding

The WieNeu+ Grätzlförderung (neighborhood funding) is an innovation funding for projects in Innerfavoriten until the end of 2023.

Urban renewal initiative Wir SAN Wien

Under the motto Wir SAN Wien (We are Vienna), the focus for the next few years will be on the renewal of residential buildings and entire districts.


WieNeu+ is an urban renewal program of the City of Vienna that aims to contribute to making city districts and neighborhoods climate- and future-proof.


The Grätzlmarie supports projects in Innerfavoriten that benefit the district and its residents