The IBA_Vienna is a multi-year process and lasts from 2016 to 2022. Running seven years the IBA_Vienna is therefore a comparatively short IBA. Most IBAs last 10 years or more. The candidates and neighborhoods of IBA_Vienna were defined until 2019. The intermediate results will be presented in 2020 and finally, in 2022, most of the projects can be viewed as part of the final presentation.

The path to the IBA project, which will also be presented as an outstanding example of IBA_Vienna during the presentation year 2022, involves several steps:

IBA Candidate

First, submitted project ideas are assessed by the IBA Expert Advisory Committee on the basis of the project documents (including the project application form). If the potential for an outstanding IBA project is identified, a consultation is held with the aim of elaborating the identified potential and highlighting the innovation aspect. At the end, the IBA Expert Advisory Committee makes a recommendation and the project is nominated as an “IBA candidate”.

Once the project idea has been successfully developed, a simple quality agreement is concluded. There is also the possibility of obtaining financial support for the further development of the project idea by the IBA_Vienna if required and depending on the available funds.

If a project idea is submitted in the course of a developers’ competition or another IBA selection procedure, this assessment and the formulation of recommendations is carried out by the respective jury.

IBA Project

As soon as the project is ready for implementation, the second assessment is carried out by the IBA Advisory Committee with the aim of checking compliance with the Quality Agreement and determining the actual feasibility. If it is established that both requirements are met, the project will be admitted as an “IBA Project” for presentations in 2020 and 2022 respectively. Depending on the scope and nature of the project, this may lead to a revision of the Quality Agreement.

IBA Accompanying Project

It can be assumed that not all project ideas will be able to make their way to become an "IBA project", either because they do not fit thematically into the framework of the IBA_Vienna or because their own degree of innovation is not sufficient to present the project on an international level. Nevertheless, such projects can also be of great importance for the further development of Vienna.

These can be projects that provide important foundations and new findings for future developments at the research level or that are suitable for serving as a springboard for innovative further developments in the sense of a learning and illustrative project. Depending on the theme and orientation, this may also extend to projects already underway or recently completed.

It is therefore planned to present these project ideas in a separate project category and to present them in a suitable manner in the presentation years if the project progresses accordingly.