Neighborhood development


Neighborhoods – in Viennese called: Grätzel – form the framework for social interaction in a city. They are the place where neighborship is lived, in public as well as in private spaces. Developing a neighborhood is therefore a task that is as beautiful as it is demanding, and one that is all the more manageable with an increasing number of productively participating actors.

It is crucial to start communication at a very early stage so that planning and communication do not bypass each other. The coordination of this attunement is one of the core tasks of the IBA_Vienna, because all aspects of new social housing come together in the development of the neighborhood: affordable housing, spaces for work and production, lively and mixed ground floors, climate-friendly green spaces, environmentally-friendly mobility.

It makes a difference whether children can walk to school, whether you can sit on a bench with your neighbor while shopping, whether a dressmaker can rent a small room in the neighboring house, whether young people can find meeting places in public spaces. Streets, paths, squares and green spaces are social and socializing living spaces which at the same time form the functional development framework of an urban neighborhood. Last but not least, neighborhoods also provide the opportunity to implement new energy supply concepts. The insight gained from the projects and processes of the IBA_Vienna forms a clear message: If the neighborhood development succeeds, the overarching goal is mostly met.


Examples in the IBA ...

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In the immediate vicinity of the Hirschstetten bathing pond, a new, diverse urban area is being created.

Biotope City

Climate adaptation measures in subsidized housing play an increasingly important role, but the principle of affordability must not be neglected. The Biotope City Wienerberg shows that dense development and effective greening are compatible.

Neu Leopoldau

The development in Neu Leopoldau follows the motto “young housing” and comprises around 1,400 apartments, 70,000 m² for commercial use and plenty of outdoor space.


How can a large urban settlement from the 1970s be made fit for the future and adapted to today's housing needs? This is the central question that the IBA_Vienna addressed in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost (PAHO) neighborhood.

Pocket Mannerhatten

From 2016 to 2021, the Pocket Mannerhatten Ottakring research project investigated the neighbourhood-based use of spaces, areas and infrastructures in a block of houses in Vienna's Ottakring district.

Quartier "Am Seebogen"

After the pioneer and the Seepark neighborhood, the "Am Seebogen" neighborhood forms the third construction phase of Seestadt aspern and is the first on the north side of the lake.

Quartier "An der Schanze"

The "An der Schanze" property developers' competition tendered started in February 2019. In a two-stage, dialog-oriented procedure, the foundations were laid for a new, lively neighborhood with high living quality and an urban character.

Quartiershäuser Sonnwendviertel

To the east of Helmut-Zilk-Park in Vienna-Favoriten, a small-scale, mixed-use and largely car-free neighborhood is being developed. "Quartiershäuser" and projects of building cooperatives provide new impetus!

Smarter Together

The City of Vienna and numerous partners and companies developed trend-setting Smart City solutions in Simmering - Vienna. Together with the people on site!


The aim of the project was to develop a coherent neighborhood that would link neighbours across construction sites and support their self-organisation.

… and beyond

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More Innovations & Projects

Many concrete innovations and projects go beyond the period of the IBA_Vienna and represent important impulses for the further development of the mentioned thematic field.

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Cross-building use

For the development of a new neigh- borhood, it is important to connect residents across building sites to revitalize the neighborhood.

We are Neighborhood!

We are Neighborhood! Urban Development in the Climate Crisis. was published as part of the contributions to IBA_Vienna (volume 23).

NEW Garage Concepts

Elevated garages offer the possibility of diverse use and, above all, of conversion at a later date.

Network - Share - Save

The question of acceptance and willingness to participate in a cooperative is the focus of the contribution to IBA_Vienna (Volume 21).

Specialist concepts for the STEP25

The Urban Development Plan (Stadtentwicklungsplan, STEP) provides guidelines for the development of Vienna up until about 2025.