Process development


Fine gears drive the machinery of the city. The processes in the back- ground of neighborhood development may seem abstract because they are difficult to represent in pictures. But the rules according to which they function and, above all, the question of who is allowed to participate in them can be clearly read in the built result.

Within these processes, the concepts of top-down and bottom-up interlock; here, planning can be dynamic and open or precise. Communication is always essential. From the very beginning, the IBA_Vienna, in cooperation with competent process facilitators, has entered this field as a moderator and initiator. Different formats such as workshops, neighborhood workshops and discussion rounds were tailored precisely to the constellation of actors. Among them are property developers, citizens, development companies, landowners, neighborhood management and representatives of politics, business and civil society.

The cooperation between these actors can take different forms: Urban development contracts and cooperative procedures on a higher level, and more and more often concrete process development in the neighborhood, with the district management as an important mediator for the reality of life of the residents on site. In this way, processes become a living, visible reality.


Examples in the IBA ...

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In the immediate vicinity of the Hirschstetten bathing pond, a new, diverse urban area is being created.

Biotope City

Climate adaptation measures in subsidized housing play an increasingly important role, but the principle of affordability must not be neglected. The Biotope City Wienerberg shows that dense development and effective greening are compatible.

Gemeinsam wissen wir mehr

Gemeinsam wissen wir mehr (Together we know more) is a series of workshops with developers and others who regularly discuss cross-building issues to improve housing quality in the new Neu Leopoldau neighborhood.


MIO offers a wide range of possibilities - whether living, working or both in combination: 42 rental apartments as well as condominiums and various commercial and office spaces on two floors.

Neu Leopoldau

The development in Neu Leopoldau follows the motto “young housing” and comprises around 1,400 apartments, 70,000 m² for commercial use and plenty of outdoor space.

Quartier "An der Schanze"

The "An der Schanze" property developers' competition tendered started in February 2019. In a two-stage, dialog-oriented procedure, the foundations were laid for a new, lively neighborhood with high living quality and an urban character.

Quartierswerkstatt Am Seebogen

Especially when a large number of stakeholders are working on a joint product, a common thread as well as networking and coordination is needed. The format of the Quartierswerkstatt has been created by Wien 3420 aspern Development AG.

... and beyond

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More Innovations & Projects

Many concrete innovations and projects go beyond the period of the IBA_Vienna and represent important impulses for the further development of the mentioned thematic field.

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2-stage Developer Competition

The first “dialog-oriented” two-stage developer competitions were held in 2014.

Building Guide to a Sustainable City

The principles of a Biotope City build on the knowledge of ecological and sustainable building.

Quality Advisory Board

The new quality advisory board is applied to large selected urban development areas.

An der Schanze - Brochure

The brochure Quartier “An der Schanze”– Ergebnisse und Lerneffekte aus dem Bauträgerwettbewerb is available for download our website.