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2020: "How will we live tomorrow? New ways to Social Housing in Europe": Symposium - online

In recent years, the issue of affordable housing has become the centre of attention in many large cities. With the International Building Exhibition, Vienna is creating a platform for innovation in regard of "New Social Housing". The IBA_Vienna intends to go beyond the traditional format of a local building exhibition for an international audience as it not only aims at initiating and presenting housing policy innovations itself, but also sets off a broad exchange between cities on main challenges and possible solutions in housing policies. The key element of this discourse is a network of partner cities that is in close contact, jointly defining essential questions and trying to answer them with different approaches. The symposium "How do we live tomorrow? New ways to social housing in Europe" was the kick-off for the cooperation between IBA_Vienna and its partner cities and opened the dialogue along the three main themes of sustainable neighbourhood development, affordability and new ways of housing and climate adaption and sustainability.


For impressions, photos, video recording of the symposium please click here.