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StadtRegion Stuttgart IBA27

100 years after the dawn of architectural modernism at Stuttgart's Weissenhof, the International Building Exhibition 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart (IBA'27) is looking for the future of building and living together in one of Europe's economically most vital centers. Its exhibition sites in 2027 are socially and functionally mixed houses and quarters. In them, living, working, culture and leisure merge into multi-layered, sustainable neighborhoods. The IBA'27 celebrates the city. Its proximity and diversity. Its power and productivity. Its ability to reinvent itself again and again. In the entire Stuttgart region. 

How do we want to live?

A ten-year journey, a joint departure, the goal: the Stuttgart city region as a livable, sustainable space. What is to be completed, used and exhibited by the presentation year of the International Building Exhibition 2027 raises a bundle of questions as a starting point: How do we want to live together in the Stuttgart Region in the coming decades? How do we build sustainable houses? How do cities, villages and settlements in the highly industrialized Stuttgart metropolitan region confront social, technological and ecological change?

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Reinvention of an urban region

What the IBA'27 plans and projects have in common is the will to deal with materials, spaces, and social relationships in a way that is sustainable and appreciative. They are created through the transformation of purely commercial and residential districts or through the reinvention of monofunctional large-scale structures of the 1960s and 1970s on the way to a mixed-use productive city. They are further developing public transportation hubs into places of encounter or seeking to recapture the Neckar River as a living space and identity-forming bond of the region. Their circle closes with the renewal of the Werkbundsiedlung at Stuttgart's Weissenhof and its redevelopment for residents, for science and for the public.

FORUM Dialog zum Produktiven Stadtquartier Winnenden

Projects of the partner city

Produktives Stadtquartier Winnenden

On an area of 5.5 hectares, a new neighborhood is to be created in Winnenden that is both commercial and residential in equal measure. Instead of separating uses, Winnenden is focusing on new commercial and residential forms that function together.

Quartier Backnang-West

On a former industrial site of almost 17 hectares to the west of Backnang's old town, an urban and productive urban neighborhood is being created with areas for culture, education, commerce and community living.

Quartier Neckarspinnerei

The listed Neckar spinning mill site of the Otto textile company in Wendlingen-Unterboihingen is to be developed into a forward-looking, mixed-use and producitve urban neighborhood.