Vienna International Summer School


Within the framework of the IBA, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna are establishing a research cluster (ResearchLab) to encourage interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. To accomplish this goal, the ResearchLab starts in 2018 with a series of annual International Summer Schools on relevant aspects of social housing.



2021: 4th International Vienna Summer School

In 2021, the International Summer School from September, 13th to September, 17th 2021 will address the changes and challenges that occurred or intensified during the Covid 19 pandemic and changed the character and meaning of "home". For many, their "home" has become an environment that suddenly has to meet multiple needs simultaneously, including work and learning environments, childcare and other care responsibilities. Regardless of extremely different urban, social and cultural contexts, the experience of confinement, the need to stay at home and basically manage all aspects of everyday life in one place, proved to be a massive stress test for individuals and households around the world. Questions about post-pandemic architecture and urban design are legitimately raised in the process?

Against this backdrop, the Summer School invites participants to discuss the housing problems and consequences of the pandemic. A main focus is on a re-evaluation of the concepts of "home" and "household": Is it an appropriate response to strive for designs that can fulfil all these functions in one "home"? Or is there rather a need to defend the "home" against these demands? What does it do for individuals and households to have to balance work, school and care in their homes? How can people best be supported and relieved of pressures and frictions that arise in tense and crowded spaces?

The submission deadline has been extended to 30 April!

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2020: 3rd International Vienna Summer School

As part of the IBA_Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Vienna are setting up a research cluster (ResearchLab) to promote interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. In 2020, the third International Vienna Summer School will take place from 7th to 8th of September. Social aspects of living and climate adaptation will be presented and discussed in online seminars.



Monday 7th of September und Tuesday 8th of September

Online-Seminars available by registration.


Dienstag 8th of September

Between Social and Ecological Sustainability: Public Discussion

Registration available here.



2019: 2nd Vienna International Summer School

From 16. 9. to 20.9.2019 the summer school will take place for the second time in the framework of the Researchlab. International experts will spend a week dealing with the social aspects of social housing in Vienna. Does the social refer to the dimension of affordability, or, in a much broader sense, to social justice? How is social housing responding to the needs of a increasingly diversified, fragmented and unequal society? How to provide the right to housing also for marginalized and low income groups?

Public events:

Tue, 17.9.2019
What is the social in social housing?
Keynote Lectures: Hulya Ertas and David Madden
Location: TU - The Sky, Getreidemarkt 9 | 1060 Vienna

Fri, 20.9.2019
Social housing challenges in international perspective
Students‘ Inputs and Discussion
Location: Mobiles Stadtlabor OPENmarx, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 1 | 1030 Vienna

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2018: 1st Vienna International Summer School

This year (17 to 23 September 2018) the Vienna International Summer School will have a thematic focus on the transformation of (post-war) large scale social housing. We invite young researchers of all disciplines (PhD fellows, post-docs, early stage researchers) to put their research projects up for discussion and work together with internationally renowned scholars on the content and methodological issues. The Summer School also offers an opportunity to investigate the history and current developments in social housing estates in Vienna.

The Vienna International Summer School is open for all disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives related to the main theme. Research projects might address social, economic or institutional transformations of large scale housing. Research might revolve around housing practice, the change of living arrangements and living together in heterogeneous neighbourhoods. Which role do residential forms play for families, friendships or other social relations? How are the neighbourhoods and buildings being appropriated? How is the public space being used? We are also interested in research on the management, the assignment and occupancy of social housing. In which forms have municipalities and owners further developed and modernized the housing estates in recent years? How are residents involved?

A peer reviewed publication of the participants’ contributions is planned.

Applicants shall submit:

  • a description of their research/dissertation project (max. 2 pages)
  • a CV (max. 1 page)

Submit to: 

  • 15 May 2018: Deadline for submission of documents
  • by 31 May 2018: Applicants will be informed of the faculty's decision
  • by 15 August 2018: Accepted papers need to be submitted in full length (maximum 7000 words)

There is no fee for the participation in the Summer School. Travel costs will be covered for up to 500 €.

The Vienna International Summer School is funded by the City of Vienna and the IBA_Wien 2022.

All details can be found in the announcement.