With the instrument of the International Building Exhibition, Vienna is creating a platform to find exemplary answers to questions of "New Social Housing". The IBA_Vienna wants to go beyond the traditional format of a local exhibition.

It does not only want to initiate and present housing policy innovations, but also initiate a broad exchange between countries, cities and different actors on the main challenges of housing policy and possible solutions.

The IBA_Vienna organizes and participates in symposia that bring together experts and initiate a broad exchange on the main challenges of housing policy and possible solutions.


Please note, most of our events are held and documented in german.

„Between Social and Ecological Sustainability”: Public Discussion*

2020 How will we live tomorrow? Diskussion IBA-Symposium 08.09.2020 | 19:00 - 21:00 WEST (ehem. Sophienspital) | 1070 Wien

Based on online seminars in the context of ResearchLab, the topic of conflicts between social and ecological sustainability will be treated in a public discussion.

"How will we live tomorrow? New Ways to Social Housing in Europe": Symposium* - Online

2020 How will we live tomorrow? Symposium IBA-Symposium Digitale Vorträge & Online-Diskussionen 23.09.2020 | 14:00 - 24.09.2020 | 16:20 online |

Searching for new solutions for social housing is not only a matter of concern for Vienna, but poses one of the burning issues for many cities in Europe. The symposium therefore focused on challenges in current housing policies as well as on innovative solutions in various cities.