IBA Meets Art


Art and housing have long been closely related in Vienna. After all, housing and culture both see themselves as part of a social obligation. When we talk about “art in buildings,” we are talking about more than mere decoration. Whereas art in municipal buildings used to be partly influenced by popular educational impulses, today the urban space has long since been discovered by art production as a stage for dealing with current socio-political issues.

Art plays an active role in the design, perception and appropriation of the city. This often opens up completely new spaces of possibility that go beyond the passive consumption of art. The citizens of the city and the residents of the neighborhood are encouraged to participate through artistic impulses, and participation and social interaction are strengthened.

Temporary or one-time artistic actions with their event character can create identities, generate images of a possible future and tell stories, especially in newly developing neighborhoods. Permanent artistic projects and artists working on site, on the other hand, bring the elementary basic need for culture into the city. From the very beginning, IBA_Vienna has given this cultural commitment a central place with its “IBA Meets Art” format.


Park macht Platz

Park macht Platz am Parkplatz des Wiener Naschmarkts
IBA Meets Art

Park is a temporary spatial installation made of wood that will transform the parking lot at the edge of Naschmarkt into a public experiment from August to the end of September 2017.

My last car

IBA Meets Art

On debating the upcoming climate crisis and a mobility turnaround, we ask ourselves (and others) what we would miss if we had no more cars. The performance is intended to open up a space on this debate.

living::sounds – living::moves

living::sounds living::moves - Kinderprogramm am Educult Aktionstag
IBA Meets Art

living::sounds – living::moves is a participative theater and music project in the Sonnwendviertel quarter focusing on the IBA-Vienna theme of “New Social Housing”.


IBA Meets Art Nachbarschaft Berresgasse Neu Leopoldau Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

Ich brauche Platz! is an art and space research project that was carried out in several phases and at different locations. A public transport bus converted into a multifunctional space served as the "research base".

Embedded Exception

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IBA Meets Art

"Embedded Exception" is an artistic research project within the IBA context of concepts „empowerment“ and „creating space“.



Please note, most of our events are held and documented in german.

ICH BRAUCHE PLATZ!: Lecture & Discussion

2022 Vortrag IBA Meets Art 10.10.2022 | 18:00 - 20:00 IBA-Zentrum | 1200 Wien

In 1989, the United Nations adopted a fundamental treaty on the rights of the child. What impact does this have on the issue of housing and (more) spaces for children and young people in the city?