Old industry makes way for young living: A climate walk through the Neu Leopoldau neighborhood



29.06.2022 | 17:30 - 20:00
Treffpunkt: Siemensstraße/Hochbahngasse 21, Siemensplatz, 1210 Wien

During industrialization, a number of large industrial drives and the Leopoldau gasworks were located along the Nordbahn in Leopoldau. The mixed-use neighborhood Neu Leopoldau is currently being built on the site of the municipal gasworks, which was closed down about 50 years ago. Characteristic for the new neighborhood are the inclusion of the 1912-built factory buildings and the old stock of avenue trees. On our tour through the neighborhood, some of which is still in the process of being built, we will encounter idyllic allotment garden settlements, building groups and neighborhood houses, community spaces and new solutions for the mobility of the residents.

Planners have responded to the challenges of climate change and the needs of young people with a variety of projects that we will examine on our tour. The tour will be guided by licensed Austria Guides for Future with a focus on climate change, natural and open spaces, and ecology.

Language: This event will be held in German.