Of community libraries and gardening groups - Shaping Neighborhoods in Biotope City: Guided tour


Guided tour

24.09.2022 | 14:00 - 16:00
Meetingpoint: Gödelgasse 8, Biotope City, Gödelgasse 8, 1100 Wien

What actually happens after the planning and construction of new houses and neighborhoods? What happens when the planned city becomes lived practice; when people move into a new neighborhood, get to know each other and find themselves in a new neighborhood? What is important when residents want to take ownership of the common areas and spaces planned for them? Which actors should get to know each other and exchange ideas in order to promote good coexistence?

These and many related questions are dealt with by the Caritas Stadtteilarbeit in Biotope City as part of its neighborhood management mission there. Come with us on a tour through this special neighborhood and its neighborly life. The team of the neighborhood management will guide you through the neighborhood, show you the common areas and tell you about their work in the Biotope City.

Language: This event will be held in German.