„Between Social and Ecological Sustainability”: Public Discussion*


How will we live tomorrow?



08.09.2020 | 19:00 - 21:00
WEST (ehem. Sophienspital), Stollgasse 17/ Ecke Neubaugürtel, 1070 Wien

The event will take place within the IBA ResearchLab New Social Housing. In an evening discussion with local and international guests, we will present social and technical strategies for shading and cooling of indoor and outdoor spaces, thus introducing the diversity of the topic.

In the context of IBA_Vienna, in 2018 the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna have established a research cluster (ResearchLab) to promote interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. The ResearchLab 2020 is focusing on “Climate Adaption and Mitigation in Social Housing – Local and Bottom-up Perspectives”.

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Helga Fassbinder, Chairperson of Biotope City, editor of the Biotope City Journal

Thomas Madreiter, Planning director of the City of Vienna

Susanne Formanek, GRÜNSTATTGRAU, Innovation Lab Green Technology in the City

Simon Güntner, Professor of Spatial Sociology at the TU Wien

Christoph Reinprecht, Professor of Sociology at the University of Vienna

Moderation: Amila Širbegovic, Architect and Urban Researcher at IBA_Wien


IBA Research Lab "Between Social and Ecological Sustainability”: Public Discussion

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This project is an independent Innovation Lab that is specifically dedicated to the topic of redevelopment of urban stock with greening buildings.

Biotope City

Climate adaptation measures in subsidized housing play an increasingly important role, but the principle of affordability must not be neglected. The Biotope City Wienerberg shows that dense development and effective greening are compatible.