Many residents want better lighting of the routes through the housing estate and measures against burglaries, especially in the cellars. Badly visible corners and angles should be avoided.


Defibrillators in municipal buildings

Sicherheit Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

As part of a pilot project, Wiener Wohnen is installing 30 publicly accessible defibrillators in municipal housing estates throughout Vienna. In the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost, a total of five defibrillators were set up.

New Lighting concepts

Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Sicherheit

New outdoor lighting is to be installed in parking lots, which were previously without lighting. In addition, basement rooms were equipped with more lighting fixtures and motion detectors.

Redesign of building passageways

Sicherheit Barrierefreiheit Nachbarschaft Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung

In Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost there are several passageways through residential buildings. These are getting new wall designs, new lighting and handrails or are being artistically designed in workshops together with children and young people.