Gemeindebau NEU: Construction site tour



29.09.2022 | 16:00 - 18:00
Forum Am Seebogen, Eileen-Gray-Gasse 2, 1220 Wien

The Gemeindebau NEU of Seestadt Aspern responds to current and future social developments by focusing on the theme of adaptability. Sliding walls and rooms with two entrances ensure permanent flexibility. The residents can freely interpret their living space and structure it according to their individual needs. For example, the apartment can be subdivided into small areas of use or simply used as a large loft.

The planners will give a guided tour of the project.

Language: This event will be held in German.

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Gemeindebau NEU Am Seebogen

The Gemeindebau NEU responds to current trends and focuses on the theme of adaptability. Flexible floor plans with individual areas of use are ensured by movable walls as well as rooms with two doors.