Info campaign on shading systems


23.07.2021 | 10:00 - 07.08.2021 | 16:00
Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung, Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost, 1100 Wien

In the context of the IBA_Vienna, Wiener Wohnen informed residents in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost (PAHO) about various shading systems and funding opportunities offered by the City of Vienna for heat protection in municipal housing. The on-site information days took place on the following three weekends at three different locations in the PAHO, each from 10:00 to 16:00:

  • Fri, 23 & Sat, 24 July 2021:: Alma-Rosé-Gasse 2, Small shopping center (courtyard)
  • Fri, 30 & Sat, 31 July 2021: Johann-Pölzer-Gasse 2 (courtyard next to playground)
  • Fri, 06 & Sat, 07 August 2021: Ada-Christen-Gasse 2, Olof-Palme-Hof, round square (between stairs C and E, next to playground)

Displays with sample windows supported the low-threshold information about possible shading options (roller shutters, exterior roller blind with click system/textile sun protection, internal blinds, heat protection film). On all dates, an expert was also available between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to answer technical questions on the installation of heat protection and to provide personal advice.

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How can a large urban settlement from the 1970s be made fit for the future and adapted to today's housing needs? This is the central question that the IBA_Vienna addressed in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung Ost (PAHO) neighborhood.