What will we learn tomorrow?: Presentation of the resonance study at the end of the IBA_Vienna 2022




05.10.2022 | 17:00 - 20:00
IBA-Zentrum, Nordwestbahnstraße 16, 1200 Wien

The IBA_Vienna was proclaimed in 2016 with the mission to initiate, support and communicate innovative projects and processes in Vienna's social housing sector in the face of global challenges. With the resonance study, a research contract was awarded to shed light on the extent to which and how this has been achieved.

Shortly before the final presentation in 2022, the activities and processes that took place, more precisely the direct as well as indirect contributions of the IBA_Vienna as a temporary actor in the Viennese housing system, were to be reflected from different perspectives. For this purpose, 55 people from active institutions and the professional public were asked how they experienced the IBA_Vienna from its beginnings from 2012 to the kick-off in 2016 and shortly before the final presentation in 2022. 

In addition to this internal perspective, which Andreas Bernögger and Rudolf Scheuvens (future.lab TU Vienna) worked on, Uli Hellweg (former Managing Director of IBA Hamburg), Brigitte Scholz (Head of Cologne Office for Urban Development) and Klaus Selle (emeritus Professor of Planning Theory and Urban Development, RWTH Aachen) took an external perspective. 

The work was intended, firstly, to identify in a forward-looking manner the successful and fruitful aspects that can be further developed in a targeted manner in the Viennese system and, secondly, to feed back findings and experience to the ongoing processes for the further development of the IBA as an instrument.

The presentation of the resonance study on the part of the authors takes place in a joint framework with the network "IBA meets IBA" and the IBA Expert Council. The results will be discussed publicly with recognized IBA experts, other IBA and IBA initiatives, active stakeholders from Vienna and the public.

What will we learn tomorrow?: Presentation of the resonance study at the end of the IBA_Vienna 2022