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Digitale Vorträge & Online-Diskussionen

05.04.2018 | 15:00 - 10.07.2018 | 15:00
Twitter & IBA_Wien Website

Discussion series with the project partner caelum Development GmbH in the framework of the IBA_Vienna

How do we have to plan and build in the face of the changing society's needs in the future? 


This question is in the focus of the discussion series  "Lebensräume" (habitats), which dares the attempt, concomitant with the concrete project development, to influence the concrete project development for a building of the future by its results and contents and to shape it.

In the period from April to July 2018, there will be five discussions which experts in an interdisciplinary manner. You are welcome to contribute your opinion. Every workshop talk is recorded and streamed on the Internet with a time delay. The first workshop talk about "How will we live?" will be online on April 5, 2018 and you have the opportunity to post your feedback for discussion until April 12, 2018. We are looking forward to your contributions!

If you are in our IBA mailing list, you will be informed directly regarding online connections of the respective workshop discussion.

How can you give feedback?

We make your opinion visible and also allow us to send your e-mails, shortened if necessary, into the ongoing discussion on Twitter as quotes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to contribute. The most interesting feedback flows into the next workshop discussion. Selected contributions will be included in the documentation at the end under attribution.

1 – How will we live?

Online from April 5th, 2018 on the IBA_Wien Youtube channel & the IBA_Wien website

  • Raimund Gutmann, Wohnbundconsult, Institut für Alltagskultur and member of the IBA-Advisory Council
  • Robert Hahn, Managing Director Caelum Development GmbH
  • Klaus Himpele, Head of Service at MA23 - Economy, Work, Statistics
  • Kurt Hofstetter, Deputy Coordinator IBA_Wien
  • Michaela Moser, Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (FH)  in the Department of Social Affairs at the Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research

Moderator: Michael Kerbler, Kombinat3



Further discussions as part of the workshop discussions Lebensräume / Habitats:

  • 2 – What will we live from?
  • 3 – The quarter as a possibility room
  • 4 – Give room for use
  • 5 – By All that is Right and Fair


 >> More information on the IBA-Candidate "Projekt Lebensräume"