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About the route

Route East takes you to the 22nd district of Vienna, Donaustadt. This is the largest and, after Favoriten, most populous district, which has existed in its present form only since 1954. Donaustadt, which makes up almost a quarter of Vienna’s municipal territory, is characterized by its diverse appearance: In addition to large housing estates and single-family homes, it is home to the Donau City office and high-rise residential district as well as aspern Seestadt, which is one of the largest current district development projects in Europe. The 22nd district is also home to part of the agricultural Marchfeld and important recreational and nature conservation areas, such as the Alte Donau and the Lobau, which is also part of the Donau-Auen National Park.

Route East includes the IBA neighborhood “Am Seebogen”, which is largely completed and occupied, and the IBA neighborhood Berresgasse, where only a few projects have been implemented, and there is still a lot of constructional activity. On Route East you can also find the temporary project in Podhagskygasse, which was realized as part of the immediate housing program of the City of Vienna, furthermore one of the showcase projects in the field of energy supply: MGG22 in Mühlgrundgasse/ Fahngasse, as well as a residential project in Waldrebengasse, which is being developed as part of the Vienna – Vancouver city cooperation, but will not be completed until 2024.

Transport connections

Total duration of the route: 3 hours


Neighborhood walk 2: 60 min
Seestadt: Eileen-Gray-Gasse 2, 1220 Vienna

Transport connections: 

  • U2 Seestadt (Exit Seestadtpromenade)
  • 84A / 88A / 88B Seestadt


  • U2 Seestadt to Aspern Nord (towards Schottentor)
  • 95A Aspern Nord to Podhagskygasse (towards Großer Biberhaufen)
  • Walking


Podhagskygasse/ Pfalzgasse, 1220 Vienna

Transport connections: 

  • 95A / 97A Podhagskygasse & Pfalzgasse


  • Walking


Scheedgasse 2, 1220 Vienna

Transport connections:

  • 95A Scheedgasse
  • 85A Pirquetgasse
  • U2 Hausfeldstraße
  • 26 Zanggasse

→ MGG²²

  • 26 Prinzgasse (towards Hausfeldstraße)
  • U2 Hausfeldstraße to Stadlau (towards Schottentor)
  • Walking


Waldrebengasse 3, 1220 Vienna

Transport connections: 

  • U2 Hardeggasse
  • 95A Hardeggasse


Mühlgrundgasse/ Fahngasse, 1220 Vienna

Transport connections: 

  • U2 Stadlau/ Hardeggasse
  • 86A / 94A Stadlau
  • S80 Stadlau
  • 92A / 95A / 96A Hardeggasse

Means of public transport:  
Underground: U1, U2, U3 ... | Train: S-Bahn | Streetcar: 6, 25, D, O ... | Bus: 27A, 88B ...

Route planner Wiener Linien

Quartier "Am Seebogen"

After the pioneer and the Seepark neighborhood, the "Am Seebogen" neighborhood forms the third construction phase of Seestadt aspern and is the first on the north side of the lake.


In Podhagskygasse, temporary and inexpensive housing is being made available on currently not designated but usable areas. This is made possible by an ingenious modular system.


In the immediate vicinity of the Hirschstetten bathing pond, a new, diverse urban area is being created.


As a result of a developers’ competition of the 2018-2020 housing offensive, subsidized rental apartments in a timber construction will be built on a plot of land in Stadlau.


MGG²² is more than a normal housing project. For the first time, thermal component activation (TCA) is used for heating and cooling in social housing. This ensures a year-round supply of 100% renewable energy!