"The IBA_Vienna are all those who actively participate in it."

The IBA_Vienna is considering itself as a process and platform with broad-based involvement of the main players - in addition to planning and execution, developing and financing, research and teaching as well as politics and administration, this is above all the Viennese population.

Dr. Michael Ludwig | Mayor of the city of Vienna & Initiator of the IBA_Vienna

Dr. Michael Ludwig together with Dr. Wolfgang Förster are the initiators of the IBA_Vienna.

>> Vienna is in a relatively comfortable position, being able to look back on a long-standing tradition of innovative housing construction. The 100th anniversary of municipal housing in Red Vienna that was celebrated in 2019, however, also highlights that the success of this tradition relies on preserving principles rather than on clinging to details. The processes and methods of implementation have to be adjusted to current developments and requirements again and again. Only in this way has it been  possible to maintain and continually raise the high standard of housing in Vienna to date - be it in the times of Red Vienna, in the postwar period with its large-scale housing estates, in the period of Sanfte Stadterneuerung (gentle urban renewal) or, right now, in the early 21st century with its current challenges ?such as social equity, technological innovation and climate change. The fact that Vienna has always responded to emerging challenges with sound judgement and a human touch without losing sight of its principles significantly contributes to the position that our city has long held with regard to the general quality of life also by international comparison. <<

Kathrin Gaál | Executive City Councillor & President of the IBA_Vienna

Kathrin Gaál is Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Housing, Housing Construction, Urban Renewal and Women's Issues & President of the IBA_Vienna

>> With the IBA_Vienna, the city places special emphasis on the development of new ideas and approaches that lead to solutions for current and future challenges faced by housing.

Being the Executive City Councilor for Women’s Issues, it is also particularly important to continue the Viennese tradition in which social housing has always gone hand in hand with achievements in women’s policy. Looking back on already 100 years of municipal housing history in Red Vienna, alleviating the burden of household and family work for women has been a key objective from the outset an objective that still arises anew again and again today and therefore demands new solutions and approaches. Safety and accessibility are important issues when it comes to planning an urban residential environment that is in line with the needs of women. Something that is also very dear to me is the creation of innovative types of housing for single parents. <<

The Team of the IBA_Vienna

The IBA team, currently consisting of 6 members, is coordinated by DI Kurt Hofstetter.

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The Advisory Committee of the IBA_Wien

Under the chairmanship of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Kunibert Wachten and his deputy Margrit Hugentobler, PhD, the international advisory board supports the International Building Exhibition Vienna in the process of intensifying the content in the preliminary phase and during the phase of project qualification until 2020.

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Consultancy to the IBA-Team

Professor Rudolf Scheuvens acts as ongoing expert consultant to the IBA-Team, organized workshops with experts and those interested by the project and participated in the meetings of the Advisory Board. In addition he drafts wordings and inputs of the IBA_Vienna for new methods and procedures and continuously brings up to date information and best practices from other innovative developments to the key subjects of the IBA_Vienna.