"Blauer Hof" - outstanding housing estate

Partner city: Cologne

Waldecker Straße/ Heidelberger Straße/ Kalk-Mülheimer-Straße/ Hertzstraße / Kasseler Straße
51065 Köln

Where the Cologne district of Buchforst is located today, there used to be flat land, the so-called "Kalker Feld". GAG acquired an area of over 180,000 m2 there in 1926. The development plan for it was drawn up on behalf of GAG by its "house architects" Wilhelm Riphahn and Caspar Maria Grod.

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The first housing estate built there was the "Blaue Hof" (Blue yard). It was built between 1926 and 1927 for poor and large families whose homes were demolished for the construction of the Mülheim Bridge. The name of the housing estate is an allusion to the blue of the sky. One- and two-room apartments with WC were built, only the three-room apartments had a bathroom. The rent at that time was 10.50 gold marks for the whole apartment. Despite favorable conditions, however, tenants could only be persuaded to move in by paying premiums.

"Blauer Hof" is of great importance beyond the region. Contemporary as well as current, it is regarded as an excellent example of the outstanding housing development of the 1920s. At the beginning of the new millennium, the "Blaue Hof" was brought up to contemporary standards. New bathrooms in the apartments and the reconstruction of the original facade with the characteristic red mullioned windows were the most extensive works, but also the renewal of the pipelines or the redesign of the interior of the housing estate were part of it. For this elaborate project, GAG received the 2009 Building Owner Award in the modernization category.