The Cologne Catalog

Partner city: Cologne

50667 Köln

Under the question "How do we want to live in 2030?" Cologne is facing the upcoming challenges and has developed a compass for a future-oriented, strategic and sustainable urban development with the urban strategy "Cologne Perspectives 2030+".

The Köln Katalog (Cologne Catalog) builds on the content of the "Cologne Perspectives 2030+" urban strategy and is intended to serve as a guide for action in the future for the development of residential typologies.

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The Köln Katalog is used to develop residential building typologies for the three density categories (city center, inner city and outer city) of the "Cologne Perspectives 2030+" urban strategy. Adequate typologies should enable compact and livable neighborhoods with high ecological and social standards as well as efficient and sustainable land use.

The development process started with the expert symposium "Building typologies of housing" in May 2021. Exemplary projects from various European cities were presented at the event. The findings from the symposium are now being incorporated into the further process. The Cologne planning office De Zwarte Hond in cooperation with Duplexarchitekten Düsseldorf were commissioned with the development of the Köln Katalog in May 2021.

In the Köln Katalog, building typologies of housing with different density values are concisely and clearly shown and backed up by corresponding criteria on, for example, mixed use, mobility, open space and climate.

After its completion, the Köln Katalog will serve as a control instrument and decision-making basis for administration, politics and housing investors in the implementation of construction projects.