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Adaptation to climate change has been successfully initiated with the project „Klimawandelgerechte Metropole Köln“ (Climate Change-Ready Metropolis Cologne). The project results have been incorporated into recommendations for action for future urban development adapted to climate change. Against this backdrop, the city of Cologne supports the efforts of its citizens to green private house and open spaces close to their homes as well as commercial areas and thus to improve the urban climate. As part of the "GRÜN hoch 3" (GREEN to the power of 3) program, the city grants subsidies that help improve the residential environment.

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With the individual funding of green roofs and facades as well as soil unsealing for the purpose of re-vegetation, a contribution is to be made to improving the local urban climate in the densely populated urban area. The increasing summer heat load in the future is to be reduced, dust binding improved and cooling capacity increased. The decentralized temporary storage of rainwater on roofs and in green spaces will contribute to the harmless drainage of precipitation water during heavy rain events or to groundwater recharge. With the creation of green oases and the development of new open spaces, the residential environment becomes more attractive, the well-being and quality of life of the residents is strengthened and a social, intercultural and intergenerational exchange between the users is promoted.

Funding is available for the greening of roofs and facades and the re-vegetation of sealed surfaces. Subsidies can be applied for, for example, the construction of a vegetation layer, the removal of sealing floor coverings, climbing aids or facade greening systems. A bonus is granted for the acquisition of a rainwater retention system or the creation of near-natural areas as part of the funding application.