Parkstadt Süd
50968 Köln

Parkstadt Süd is one of the largest and most important urban development projects in Cologne. Between Luxemburger Strasse and the banks of the Rhine, the inner green belt will be completed in the next 10 to 15 years and new neighborhoods for living and working will be created.

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With Parkstadt Süd, Cologne is setting itself the goal of completing the inner green belt as far as the Rhine and developing a lively urban district on its edges under the title "Parkstadt Süd." As a result, Cologne is gaining an additional 36 hectares of green space and room for 3,500 new homes, 4,000 jobs and new educational infrastructure. The planning has been accompanied by intensive public participation since the beginning. Cologne's largest urban development project is currently entering a new phase and is being fleshed out in an integrated planning process.

One result of the integrated planning is a division into the quarters Parkstadt, Quartier Marktstadt, Quartier Entrée and Quartier Bildungslandschaft. These divisions allow the temporal and spatial integration of the numerous ideas of the citizens from the participation process.