Diverse life in the Waldbadviertel

Partner city: Cologne

Hedwig-Wachenheim-Karree, Berta Benz-Karree, Gertrud-Luckner-Karree
51107 Köln

On a large open space in the Ostheim district of Cologne, GAG has developed a completely new neighborhood - the Waldbadviertel. Surrounded by wooded areas and a natural outdoor swimming pool, numerous new apartments, single-family homes by a Cologne-based developer, a daycare center, special housing types and a multigenerational housing project as well as open play and recreation areas have been created in the south of the district.

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The Waldbadviertel is characterized by a continuous green corridor in the center of the neighborhood, the so-called "Green river". Other housing courtyards and several playgrounds that create identity are grouped around it, forming an urban framework with open spaces that can be used in a variety of ways.

Individual forms of living and housing are of great importance in the Waldbadviertel. The multigenerational residential project "Lebensräume in Balance“ was conceived and planned together with the residents' association and provides many impulses in the new neighborhood. Three residential communities for people with handicaps and social diversity for people with special needs are geared to special groups of residents. There is also student housing and housing suitable for the elderly.

And because the Waldbadviertel is located in the midst of greenery, a number of ecological offerings have also been developed. These include the "Green Classroom" for the neighborhood as well as for schools and daycare centers from the surrounding area, or an exercise trail. The neighborhood life is rounded off by smaller stores where, for example, the fresh rolls for breakfast are available.