Housing development Holsteinstraße

Partner city: Cologne

51065 Köln

GAG Immobilien AG has created affordable housing on a site formerly used as a monastery in the Mülheim district. The new neighborhood impresses with its contemporary design and shines as a beacon far into the district. A small chapel of the former monastery will be preserved and given central importance as a neighborhood meeting place of the newly founded association "et Kapellche".

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GAG has built publicly subsidized and privately financed new apartments on a former monastery site in Cologne-Mülheim. In 2014, it acquired the approximately 8,300 m2 site of the former Redemptorist monastery on Holsteinstrasse in Cologne-Mülheim. Based on designs by the firm Lorber Paul architects, a quiet, green neighborhood close to the city center has been created. The existing public playground on a neighboring site was enlarged by about 350 m2 onto the GAG property. Additional play areas were added for the tenants' small children. An underground parking garage rounds off the construction project. For its special design, the housing development was awarded the German Building Owner's Prize in 2020.

The neighborhood is a central element on the former monastery site: A small chapel of the former monastery will be preserved and remain as the centerpiece of the new housing estate. The so-called "little chapel" stands in the middle of the communal play and green areas and is framed by the new, moving building structures. In this way, it also links to the former use of the site. The residents of the mainly publicly subsidized apartments meet in the newly formed association "Et Kapellchen e.V." for neighborly exchange.


Köln: Wohnquartier Holsteinstraße