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FILM LAUNCH: Local and Bottom-up initiatives to tackle climate change in social housing

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As part of the IBA ResearchLab 2020 Summer School, filmmakers Frank Hagen and Miae Son went on a search for local projects and initiatives in Vienna that contribute to finding solutions to the consequences of climate change (such as urban heat or heavy rain).

The films were presented at a digital vernissage on January 18. Together with the filmmakers, the IBA ResearchLab invited them to discuss the possibilities of innovative approaches and approaches to urban development and housing.
The result is six portraits of initiatives that vary greatly in their approach, size and scope: from bottom-up projects such as a green roof with moss organized by house residents themselves to urban development projects such as Biotope City at the southern gateway to the city.  The films show how diverse environmentally and climate-friendly local approaches are, which possibilities and forms of environmental commitment are practiced by individuals and groups, and how they can network.

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"Wir sind Quartier! Stadtentwicklung in der Klimakrise": Symposium (Az W, 14/10/2020)


Open space in new social housing: Discussion (WEST, 12/10/2020)


"Frauen Bauen Stadt. The City Through a Female Lens": Symposium (WEST, 08/10/2020)


IBA meets Architects #10 - Verena von Beckerath (Az W, 07/10/2020)


OPENhauswirtschaft - "Soziale Impulse durch kleinteilige Nutzungsmischung": Workshop (WEST, 06/10/2020)


"How will we live tomorrow? New ways to social housing in Europe": Symposium correspondence cities (online, 23-24/09/2020)


IBA meets Architects #9 - Lacaton & Vassal (Az W, 16/09/2020)


IBA-Talk with book presentation : "Housing forms for the future" (WEST, 14/09/2020)


Forum Theatre - Negotiate conflicts (WEST, 14/09/2020)


IBA Research Lab "Between Social and Ecological Sustainability”: Public Discussion (WEST, 08/09/2020)


Exhibition opening "How will we live tomorrow?" (WEST, 04/09/2020)